A Picture Request...

  1. Hi all!

    I have been looking at nearly all the pics on the forum and cannot find something specific. So...if any of you have a monogram speedy 30 and a monogram alma, could you possible get a pic of them next to each other?

    I am dying to see the comparison. Thanks!!
  2. wish I could help but I have yet to see Alma IRL......

    you sound like you're hunting..... :p
  3. Sorry, I'm no help, Traci.
    But I'm posting to let you know the 30 is really spacious. :graucho:

    Awww... You haven't seen the Alma, yet?
    Well, at least you have th beautiful lockit that's in your avatar, right? :smile:
  4. Frozen~~ you haven't seen the Alma? Oh, you gotta see it girl!!
  5. I only have the mono alma :tender::heart::heart::heart: Sorry - I know that doesn't help you, but I just had to swoon at my bag for a moment - okay, I'm better now.
  6. I have the Speedy 30's in Damier and Mono and the MC Alma which is about the same size as the monogram one. Would that work?
  7. are you trying to compare the size wise??
    i have the alma mono, and speedy 30 in damier? but the problem is i still don't know how to post or attach a photo.. isn;t it sad:shame::girlsigh:
  8. I bet someone could photoshop them together for you Traci!

  9. Oh yes, that would work!! Thanks!! I am just trying to see the size difference between them because I think it's pretty close, just that the speedy is more boxy, kwim?

  10. ^OK good, I'll take those pics for you! :smile:
  11. the Speedy is 26.5 inches total of bag and the Alma a total of 28 inches of bag

    Alma- 12LX9HX7W
    Speedy 30- 12L8HX6.5W so 1.5

    1.5 inches isn't difference, I would go for either one depending on what your looking for
  12. Nice breakdown Matt!!

    I have the alma already and was trying to compare and that's just what I thought! Thanks!!
  13. I remember reading one of your posts about wanting to get the Speedy again! Is that what you're thinking?

  14. My crazy head is all over the place:sad:. I was thinking maybe a speedy 30 or the papillion 30. I don't know.:shrugs:
  15. I'm posting the pics in a minute, the difference really isn't all that much like Matt said.