A Picture of my Stunning MJ Stam Bag..

  1. I love my stam bag despite it being soo heavy!:smile: The colour combi is amazing:smile: Picked it up last June in Vegas..Ceasars!

  2. I love that combo!! I had the Little Stam in the Navy and Pink for a bit... FUN FUN FUN!!:yes:

    Welcome to tPF BTW!:flowers:
  3. I have never seen that color combo before, its stunning! I want one :p
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. Stunning! Congrats
  6. FANtasTIC! This is so different, really pretty.
  7. So cute. Congrats!
  8. Love your bag!!
  9. LOVE that combo! It's gorgeous!
  10. I have only seen that color combo a couple of times. It is stunning IRL. Beautiful bag.
  11. Wow, i have only heard of that color combo but havent seen pics of it. COngrats! I think the quilted canvas w/ python trim is growing on me too :yes: :drool:
  12. What a fun bag!! I like the color combo!!
  13. wow thats so pretty. i didnt know they did diff color combos. its absolutely gorgeous.
  14. Very pretty! I've only seen that color combo in the Little Stam. Yours is awesome!
  15. that's a unique color combo. the blue looks amazing in that photo. you must get a ton of attention and compliments when you wear that!