a picture is worth a thousand words...

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  1. i recently purchased a macbook and have been learning how to use it. i signed up to learn how to download and upload photos.

    my session was yesterday afternoon. the guy is telling me how to download pictures from my camera, blah, blah, blah. so then i tell him "look, i belong to a forum and i want to download some of my pictures so he goes, sure, what's the site :nuts: hmm, well, it's tpf.....

    the guy is like :wtf: i take him onto this site and his mouth drops. he said "so this is a site all about handbags?!??!" cool as a cucumber, i reply, no, it's also about other things.... like, money mangement and relationship support. he freaked out when he saw a pic with someones child holding a bag. he asked "are you also selling children on this site?!?!?"

    the guy could not get over this link. to make matters worse, another teacher comes over and says "so and so needs help with excel, can i switch with you." now this new guy (ok, i am happily married, mind you) is GORGEOUS!!!! dark hair, bright blue eyes.....:graucho:

    he looks at my bag (i had my truffle work) and goes "balenciaga?" me: :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    he then tells me how his ex girlfriend was really into bags....(she broke his heart- she was too young to settle down and cheated on him. how could she do that?? he seemed wonderful to me :p).

    he enjoyed looking at all the pictures here ;)

    so anyway, i will be taking more photos and sharing them with everyone. in the meantime, here is one i just put on the charm thread, but in case you missed it:
  2. That is the cutest charm everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What are those characters called again? I hope you have a magenta one too ;)
  3. YEA!!! :yahoo: So did you learn how to post pics of your bags now??

    I wanna see some family pics, girlie!!! Bring 'em on!!! :graucho:
  4. B- I do have a few pink ones. They are called Ugly Dolls.

    Bags- I will be taking and posting more pics very soon. Hubby is leaving for a business trip so I will be able to take pics :yes:
  5. Yea!! :yahoo:I can't wait!

    LOL... I had to re-read this, but I just realized you said hubby was "leaving" so you could take them...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: Too funny. Seriously, I think we are related.
  6. that is the best story!!! i'm still giggling...
  7. [​IMG]

    I love ur charm...i have seen this in other pfer having it too...this is really cutie....:yes::yes:
  8. Judie what a great, funny story! You need to enable this guy to become a member of the PF! Teeheehee!
  9. The thing is, the really cute guy- I felt so bad for him. He is clearly heart broken. He told me he had really long hair and when they broke up, he cut his hair off. :sad: But he looked really good with short hair.

    OMG- I just had a thought- can you imagine if his ex happens to read this post??!?!?? :nogood:
  10. Great story Judie !!
  11. Ha ha ha! What an awesome story! Love the charm too ;)
  12. The bag is gorgeous, but the charm really makes your bag more special.
  13. hahhah that's too funny!
  14. Good for you to learning to upload pics! I enjoyed your story. Your bag and charm are lovely.
  15. Great story!!