a photo to share

  1. here's a photo that i took of a collection that is widely available in a shanghai's department store.. look at those perfos!! :graucho:
  2. both trocadero don't have the same size. That's a bad sign
  3. oh this makes me sad..
  4. Eeeew. :push:
  5. :cursing::crybaby:
  6. If you look at the perfo holes it spells out "misty" they are fakes
  7. there are even Cherry purses to the right
  8. Ooh nightmare with fakes, I do hope I won't encounter it anymore...
  9. If my eyes are to be believed, the pattern isn't actually LV monogram, at a guess I'd say it's 'Misty's' poor attempt at recreating it. I guess this is allowed because they aren't actually faking LV, just 'getting inspiration from it', that doesn't make it not WRONG!!!! I hope nobdy buys this:yucky:
  10. :cursing::cursing:
  11. Angers me that they can get away with it!
  12. Misty?, wow....
  13. They just copy the exact same design that LV offers and juz use their name. Like this brand in my country Carlo Rino. They made alot of money,by selling "Cherry blossom" Carlo Rino,"Cherry" Carlo Rino...its like DISGUSTING! and so many people buy.
  14. OH MY GOSH that's terrible and disgusting!!!
    i get very upset when i see things like that!!

    it's copyright infringement and unethical (don't ppl understand that concept??) and they look ugly!! i just want to get my hadns on them and BURN THEM!!! my LVs should not be resigned to having these STEP cousins!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  15. wow..how can they get away with that?