A photo journal - Paris... N'oubliez pas

  1. Hello everyone,

    After a long period of silence, I am slowly making a come back. My semi-annual European vacation was delightful (double digit orange boxes:yahoo:), but I was plagued with a health issue towards the end and I had to endure surgery last Friday in Tokyo. I was in so much pain :crybaby:that I reluctantly missed the Christie's auction viewing and the chance to meet eliselady, raz and ardneish.

    For those of you who PM'ed me during this time (pen602, Jasper, MrsS, Colbalt, twinkle.tink, tokyogirl) my sincere apologies for the slow reply. I will certainly get back to you inbetween rests.

    Enough said. I will leave the rest to the photos taken on 5 and 6 Sept 2007.


    Photo 1-5 Geroge V H window
    shoes scarf travel bag.JPG scarf wallet watch.JPG garden basket lindy.JPG brown kelly pochette lindy.JPG beach.JPG
  2. 1. Macaroons at Laudre
    2. Jean-Paul Hévin chocolatier
    3. window of vintage store Gérard Avrand
    4. window of vintage store Didier Ludot
    my other addiction2.JPG my other addiction.JPG gerald.JPG didler.JPG
  3. 1. Action pic with Ms Constance at l'OrangerieMuseum
    2. l'Orangerie minature room (my dream study!!!)
    3. Bubbles filled fountain at Place de la Concorde
    action.JPG minature room.JPG bubbles.JPG
  4. 24 Faubourg
    tricolour ostrich birkin.JPG travel kelly croc.JPG travel hac croc.JPG travel croc hac.JPG saddle.JPG
  5. THANK YOU for such amazing pictures!!!!!! I ADORE the pics of the vintage Hermes shop windows! I think this is my goal on my first trip ever to Paris. Coming home with a beautiful vintage bag!!!!!!
  6. 24 faubourg II
    red croc small kelly poche.JPG red croc kelly.JPG red croc cadena kelly.JPG ostrich birkin croc trim kelly2.JPG ostrich birkin croc trim kelly.JPG
  7. omg so many crocs!
  8. 24 faubourg III
    orange plum red lizard bolide.JPG orange croc birkin wallet.JPG felt bags.JPG croc luggage.JPG croc kelly 2.JPG
  9. LTC: Hope you feel 100% soon!!
  10. LOOK at that Croc HAC!!!!!!! Where's ROCKERCHIC!!!!
  11. thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures w/ us LTC. I hope you feel better soon! speedy recovery for you!
  12. The end - 24 faubourg Part IV
    croc kelly.JPG croc cdc.JPG
  13. OMG, a teeny-tiny Bolide!!!!! Where's HiHEELS!!!!!!
  14. Hope you are feeling better. Wonderful pics.
  15. i know..that mini bolide looks exactly like the one she made w/ clay! lol!