A Phone Interview with the Public Defender--YEESSSSSS!!!!!

  1. I'm so excited. I'm done with my current job abroad at the end of May, and I got an email this morning setting up an appointment to conduct the first interview for a position with the public defender by phone in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so excited! I'm looking for all kinds of jobs, both home and abroad (my year of experience is in international arbitration, but I did my 3L clinical internship with the PD--and even won a jury trial!).

    I'm so happy--are there any PDs on tPF? I need to get a copy of Criminal Law in a Nutshell STAT and brush up on everything I forgot by now ...

    So now the question is: should I pursue the opening for adult trial or juvenile law?

    Thanks for letting me share my excitement!!!

  2. Wow..I really don't know what your talking about..but congrats!! You seem really excited so that's great!
  3. Congrats! And perfect that it's your 1000th post on TPF. :smile:
  4. Congrats on the interview! I am in private practice, but I think juvenile would be more fulfilling. I've never worked public sector, but I had an externship 2L year w/ a prosecutor's office- opposite side of the fence, I know- but I don't know if I'd really like doing the adult work. W/ kids, at least I'd probably feel that I was maybe helping to get them on a better path for the future. Sounds silly, I know. I know that when I did some volunteer stuff as a 3L, I always got more out if it was helping kids. You'd be helping kids, in a round about way here too.

    Just out of curiosity, how did you find an international position/what do you do? I've never met a lawyer that worked internationally, unless it was in a policy position after years of practice in the U.S. I've always wondered about those that actually do international practice.
  5. I did a phone interview for a federal defender position years ago and got it. So excited for you. Sorry I don't have the material you are looking for but best of luck!