A Peyton question??

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  1. I have a grey patent peyton I bought with 25% off so I paid $676 for her but I have never used her and still have the original receipt...
    anyway my outlet has her for $290 now-- see where this is going ?

    Would it be dishonest to return her for the $676 and buy one for $290 ??
    I love coach and don't want to be dishonest but would be a huge savings??:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. If she's unused, and you have your original receipt, I'd return it to the boutique first, THEN buy it at the outlet, or vice versa. I tend not to return FP items to outlets because some interpret that as a sort of "price adjustment"... but YMMV.
  3. I would not think so - dishonest is if you used her!!!!
  4. Good idea I will return her to the full price store!!
  5. No I have never used her I was saving her for a special occasion ...that has never arrived!! she is still in her dust bag and has all her stuffing in her--I was shocked today @ the outlet they had peyton in pink leather, and grey , black and white patent!!
    So I bought the pink today but am thinking about getting the black also??
  6. Grey leather? Yum! I just got the black patent - but I almost bought the pink because I preferred that leather.
  7. Make sure your outlet has the Boutique version. Most Peytons at the outlets now are the MFF version (Hangtag is the lozange instead of horse & carriage with limited edition on the back. Also F infront of the style number for MFF). I'd suggest buy the BOUTIQUE version at the outlet FIRST and then return.
  8. With the cost savings you can definately get a couple - enjoy :smile:
  9. Buy the FP delete at outlet, then return the one you had. Why waste the $300++ when you can use it to get and extra bag? ;)
  10. If I hadn't used my gray patent Peyton, I would have done the same! Like Bunny said, I would always return to fp. I never return fp to outlet, and vice versa, but that's just me. It's also hard for me to do this when the item is really old, but honestly, I'm tired of being shafted by the quick outlet transfers, so I've made up my mind to return ANYTHING I can that I haven't used fp and buy the cheaper outlet transfer. The problem is I've usually used mine, so I can't...bummer! IMO there's nothing dishonest about it unless you've used it and try to return it.
  11. I agree with Baglady and Bunny, if you never used her and you do not want her return the bag to the FP Store....
  12. HI,
    Yes, I would follow Bunny's advise and return your Peyton to the FP store. I probably buy the Peyton at the outlet first and then return the other to the FP store. That way you know the Peyton is yours!!!
    Congrats!!! I am jealous!! (I was so hoping the Peytons would come to my outlet! I do have a Red Patent Peyton but a Gray Patent would be great too!!)
    I say save money where you can!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. ditto to what everyone else has said. DEFINITELY return her to the FP store and repurchase. Speaking of Peyton....how heavy is she? Would you compare her weight to a small Lilly? Gigi? I've always admired that bag from afar, but the possibility of her weighing too much has scared me off. I don't live near any outlets to test drive it...unfortunately. Any comparisons as far as weight/size? I wouldn't be stuffin' her. Just the basics.. ;)
  14. It is COACH's own policy that you can return it at any time as long as it is new and you have the receipt. Take advantage of it and get more for your money!
  15. I AGREE. just take it back and get the cheaper one!