A petite gal and her taupe grey matte Take Me Anywhere (full size)

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  1. I purchased a taupe grey matte TMA from the sale. I wasn't sure that the size would look good on me because I'm petite (5'4" height). However, I cannot pass up a good bargain, and I adore the fringed pockets on the TMA. I thought, what the heck, get it.

    I gave the bag a LMB spa treatment, and the cleanser and moisturizer softened the leather a bit. I wore the bag today, and I :heart: it! It still feels a bit large on me. I suppose that I will get used to that. I admit, though, that the bag doesn't look half bad on my frame. I found that cinching the drawstring helps to make the bag look better on me. I just have to remember to wear it with confidence, and everything will be all right, hehe! ;)


  2. The bag looks great on you! It doesn't look oversized at all! If I happened to pass by you with that bag, I'd do a double take like I always do when I see a gorgeous bag complimenting the girl perfectly. Rock it with confidence!
  3. WOW, I totally agree with itzme TenKrat. That TMA looks FAB on you!! What a beauty....I am jealous of your score.....but in a good way =) Wear her in good health always!
  4. This bag is wonderful on you! What more can I say!! Def. a size suiting you.

    Isn't the Taupe a great colour??!
  5. it looks perfect on you! it is nice seeing that style/color combination - seeing it on you gave me a WOW moment!
  6. The TMA doesn't look at all too big for you particularly in that lovely subtle colour. The leather looks gorgeous too.
  7. This bag looks utterly chic on you. Rock it with confidence!
  8. I was really interested in your photos because I am only 5"3 and never thought I could wear the full size TMA. I totally agree with everyone else that it doesn't look too large ate all. The bag looks absolutely wonderful on you!
  9. This bag looks fantastic! I really thought this style might be overwhelming on a smaller frame, but I think it looks great..maybe it's the way it slouches or the color or both...it looks great.
  10. i am your size and am your bag twin, but too shy to post modelling photos! thank you for reassuring me that my bag doesn't look too big for me! i was a bit shocked when i opened my box up, but i was so pleased with this wonderful colour that i adored it anyway.:smile:
  11. Thank you so much for posting this...I think the bag looks FABULOUS on you!! And you are my height!

    Gorgeous bag...enjoy it!
  12. I agree with Jenova. It doesnt look that big on you. I need to get both an original TMA and the fringe-pocketed TMA... Oh, dear!
  13. I totally agree with the rest that it's not too big on you. It's gorgeous!
  14. I am 5'4" and have concerns about some of the full sized bags looking too large, so thanks for sharing.....definitely does not look too big!
  15. Great modelling pics and a beautiful bag. I agree with others that it does not look too big.