A Perfume that smells like TROPICAL VACATION, but not like suntan lotion?

Chi town Chanel

Dec 18, 2007
the Mothership
I've seen adds for the new Sisley eau Tropicale perfume and would like opinions from those who have tried it. Anyone have an opinion on eau Tropicale?

I would like to find a happy perfume with citrus notes that is reminiscent of tropical vacation, but doesn't smell like cheesy suntan lotion. Currently I'm wearing Hermes Jardin Sur Le Nil. I want something that smells really interesting. So many fragrances I try are overly sweet and too obvious if you know what I mean?

Not a lot of reviews for the Sisley as of yet. Here is a link to it on Nordies:


I would love some opinions or suggestions of things to try... Thanks!


Jan 8, 2007
Nowhere out of ordinary.
Estee Lauder has one called Bronze Goddess and it smells like the beach with coconut in it. The only thing is, it's exclusive, you can only get it a few times a year. I remember working at the The Estee Lauder counter and it would run out so quickly, almost as soon as it came in. I would always remember to buy a bottle, because it'd be gone soon, we only got limited shipments of it in every year.