A Perfect Storm

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  1. I am blaming this insanely over the top shopping trip on PMS, Mother Nature, A bad week at work, and a trip to the mall sans children (surely if my dd was with me, she would have announced she had to pee and ended the madness)!

    I can shop and have done more damage, but for some reason, I am not as happy as I should be. Perhaps because I am a careful and thoughtful planner and this little trip was not at all what I had planned.

    So for some reason, I got three coupons last week. Two were $100 off of a minimum $300 purchase and I also had the FB 25% off. I went over my wish list (yes, even put it in an excel spreadsheet) and tried to figure out what was left on my wish list and how to maximize each offer. So now that you know I am an uber geek, I will try to describe what happened.

    At the top of my list is the Vermillion Borough. I went to my FP store and picked up the bag and mentioned to my SA that I was planning on getting her at some point. Then she informed me that the one I was holding was the last one and that JAX had NON. WHAT??!!!!! I missed out on the medium black calfskin because I couldn't get my act together and this info. threw me into a bit of a tailspin. I had planned on getting the bronze n/s tote with the $100 and *maybe* the black hobo later this week. Then I picked up the retro color block in tan/white/warm grey and fell in love.

    I should have walked away darn it, but I felt like it was that moment on let's make a deal and I needed to phone a friend. Anyway, I ordered a vermillion borough from another store (I didn't want the floor model) and got the other three.

    It is not exactly a budget issue, although there are certainly other things I could have spent money on and surely would. I try to not to have too many duplicates in terms of color and style and I am just not sure I will need two more Boroughs. I love all of them!! Truly. But now I am banned for a bit and I don't like that.:lol: I have never had to ban myself and I feel like if I have to put myself on a timeout, then I haven't behaved.

    Anyway, thanks for reading this if you got this far. I really do LOVE all of the bags. I will sleep on it/my purchases. Perhaps this weather has just really put me in a bummer of a mood and not even Coach can do what a beautiful 70 degree day could at this point. I will post pictures.
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  3. I should mention this was the one bag I went in to get with my $100 off coupon. It was a great price and they gave me the $100 off even though it was just under $300.
  4. I just saw the bronze today and it is do gorgeous! Enjoy your new goodies!
  5. Love the metallic!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392505151.742184.jpg

    The second "deal." The black hobo with silver hardware. Again, I used a $100 off coupon on this do it was a great deal. I only have two black bags and this baby is gorgeous. I will use this a lot!!
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392505836.041379.jpg

    This was the one that made everything go awry. Pictures don't do this bag justice. Really rich stunning colors and contrast. Very different than the Vermillion and has the really nice cross body adjustable strap. Worth keeping? It seems like a great bag that could be carried year round. Anyone else have this? If you had to choose this or Vermillion, what would you go for?
  8. LOVE the colors of this Borough! One of the prettiest ones I've seen yet. Just beautiful!
  9. Beautiful bags! Nice choices! Love that new bronze color! TDF ;)
  10. I think this color combo would go with everything, and is year round! I vote for this one!
  11. Thank you. You just made me feel not crazy for leaving the store with her. :smile:

    Thank you. I know I will use them all. Well, I darn well better if I keep them all.
  12. Here is my struggle. I always go for neutrals. I have camel, black, gray, navy and one pink MK. The Vermillion would be a great pop of color that goes with so much and is different from the colors I have. Geez, I am clearly over thinking this. I should have been an analyst.
  13. Lol! I do the same thing...no worries! I do have a bright Coral Willis that surprisingly goes with a lot of my outfits and I do wear it year round for a pop of color! I have more bright bags than neutral ones. What size is the Borough?.
  14. I love color blocking. I think it makes that bag unique but if you are a true pop of color person, you'll probably be happier with the vermillion which is a very pretty color.