A Perfect Pairing

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  1. If you could chose any pair of Louboutins and had a limitless budget to purchase a matching outfit, what ensemble would you put together?
  2. Okay, I have at least the Nude Patent Very Prives down. I'll get back to you on the outfit. LOL!
  3. I was actually stumped by my own question, but one combo I would love to try would be a basic black satin D&G corset dress (http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/28111) with the gold bling blings, tons of gold and diamond bangles (all the way up my forearm), and a large solitaire diamond necklace. Even with all the diamonds, I bet people will still be staring more at my feet than anything, so I will have to finalize my outfit with a pale pink pedicure.
  4. that dress is so gorgeous! I want it! Thanks infamiss...you just made me add something new to my already mile long wishlist! LMBO!
  5. Isn't it to die for! That dress could serve as a wonderful canvas for so many outfits that would pair perfectly with Louboutins! I mean, think about it with red rolandos or leopard piglles?
  6. With that outfit, you cannot just go to a normal spot. You have to make an appearance!!!

    BTW, I love M Missoni. Isn't it great that they have a bridge line that doesn't look cheap-O!
  7. Seriously, it's gorgeous!!! OMG, with red rolandos or leopard piglles?!?!?!? hot!!!!

  8. I know....hehehehehe.

    It is great! =)
  9. OMG Lynn. You are so right! What a cute dress!!!!
  10. I love it! I don't think I could get away with the horizontal stripes, though!:crybaby:
  11. infa--this is too hard for me to answer. I agree, that corset dress can be worn with so many CLs.
  12. Lynn, I like that one too. I'd totally wear it with my red patent simples.