A perfect example of everything that is wrong with eBay

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  1. And honest sellers like me can't sell Louis Vuitton :crybaby:
  2. EXACTLY!!!! :cursing:
  3. Astonishing ebay allows this seller to continue......and also that people apparently don't care or read the feedbacks! Seems to be selling or claiming to sell the same product over and over. Wow, how did you ever find this one as she/he doesn't have anything up for sale when I just checked? Thanks for letting us know.
  4. Geez. That reminds me of TWO examples...I dealt with THIS guy:
    eBay Member Profile for a2zworldwide

    and it took him nearly a YEAR and a half to be yanked from ebay. I bought a camera from him and tried to contact him for at least a month to get the information to send my payment to him. Then about 7 months later, he leaves ME a negative and says I'm a waste of his time because I never paid. UGH! Fortunately I got that cleared from my feedback because that was stupidity at its worst.
    And the other example was of this one buyer I'd seen..sometimes I check people who outbid me if I have a reason to believe they may be shill bidding. I found that one lady had about 47 bid retractions! She was using them to find out what the high bid was and if it was too high for her, she'd retract her bid. I don't know what ever happened to her.
  5. To be fair to the buyers most of the bad feedback has only been in the last 10 days...wierd ebay hasnt suspended them tho!
  6. I reallly hate eBay right now. For those of you who read the Miroir thread I posted, you'll know why.

    But to be fair, eBay is cracking down because they are getting pressured from various companies suing them. They are def. not going about it the right way, as their Trust and Safety team is very mysterious and will never communicate with you directly. You can only e-mail them and they can only respond with cookie-cutter e-mails. No telephone support for sellers unless you are a Silver Powerseller.

    In conclusion, their customer service is horrible. If you have no choice, you would do business on eBay. But if you did have a choice, do it elsewhere! Less fees, less hassels, less scams.
  7. The best way to deal with any issues you have with eBay is to use their live chat. The button to get to live chat is on the home page near the upper right. Every time I've used it I've always gotten my help very quickly. Just 2 days ago my email account that was attached to eBay got hijacked -- someone was using it to send harrassing emails to sellers in the UK. When the sellers wrote back, the replies came to me. I contacted their live help and they fixed the problem within 1 hour.

    To be fair, though, eBay does lag in suspending accounts that should have been a long time ago. If you can still do a search on this guy, try Skunkkky. There was actually a TV report done on him and his scams. We all know the reason eBay isn't quick to boot people off -- the fees that they get. It isn't pretty but unfortunately it's reality.
  8. xxpoeticjusticexx is no longer a registered user.
  9. Ah, they finally got to them. About time!!
  10. i have had the same thing happen to me on ebay. a seller had nothing but positive feedback, had paypal protection and answered all questions. i thought great the perfect person to buy something off. they had a w850i mobile phone advertised but there were 50 avalible, at the the time they were brand new out and were £30 cheaper than in the shops. so i bought on and paid instantly through paypal. i then gave him 3days to send the phone, it never come, i then by chance looked at his proile and 11 neg feedback had been left. i emailed him with no response, so i filled a cliam through paypal, beacuse others had made claims his account no longer offered the protection up to £500 ( i thought this was unfair was the listing was advertsing this and this was one o the main reasons a trusted the seller. i recieved half of what i paid for the phone!! and i blame paypal and ebay!!! the seller in all got over £50 neg feedback and was still on ebay for 3months!
    ebay is a waste of space i listed and authentic chloe bag with reciept from a chloe boutique that i bought myself 3months ago and they removed it within a day!
    it makes me sick:yucky: ebay lets people scam but when your an honest ebayer its nothing but a nightmare!
  11. This is the kind of thing that made me soooo afraid to buy anything from eBay. So far, I've only purchased one thing (black Fendi Spy) and it's authentic and I got it very quickly. Fortunately, it was a good first eBay experience. But, it appears this seller was okay until December, then she started to suck. I wonder what would make a seller just go bad all of a sudden.

  12. This looks to me like someone who had an emergency medical or family situation. Maybe he/she was in a car accident and is in the hospital recuperating. Who knows.
  13. That's what immediately comes to mind to me too... Because they had a great history until now. Something must have happened to them. :s
  14. Not really, if you look back on her feedback, there are 2 negative from mid Nov. Very interesting, why everyone still buy stuff from this seller with all those negatives.