A perfect complement to your Damier Keepall....

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What's your fave Damier luggage piece (SO's excluded)?

  1. Keepall

  2. Grimaud

  3. Greenwich

  4. Ribera GM

  5. Vaslav

  6. Pegase

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Oh baby, that is hottt ~!!!

    I like the grimaud, personally. It's so cute ! :yes:
  2. the sirius is a beauty alright:love: .i am debating on which other luggage piece to go along with my damier keepall.

    my favorite would have to be the grimaud and the pegase.:smile:
  3. mmmm... I saw that!!! It makes me wanna borrow my rents' credit card for about 5 minutes and order that sucker for myself!!! :lol:
  4. Beautiful
  5. yummy!
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