A penny for your thoughts...

  1. Its cute! I like it, I think I like it in the white better.
  2. I think that it's really cute! Cole Haan makes good quality handbags!:yes:
  3. Okay, I could use a penny, that's for sure. I think I like it, but to me it's one of those bags I would need to see IRL. The taupe would be a good choice, imo. Have you seen it in person?

    Maybe somebody has seen it and can give you a better opinion than mine. To me, it's the kind I could really love, but I'd have to see it first to know.
  4. I really like the white, also, but really need a natural/neutral/tan bag right now...:push:

  5. *Sending penny your way* :p

    I have not seen it in person. I wish. I wonder if anyone has?????
  6. Isn't it amazing how finally seeing a bag in real life can either make you lust more ~or~ burst your bubble. It can also save you alot of money.

    I suggest go see it first, then decide.
  7. I like it, very cute. I would stick with the white instead of taupe.
  8. wow it's cute..
    but just like the others, i like the white better than taupe
  9. I normally don't like anything with crochet, but I like this bag!
  10. Just from looking at the picture, do you gals think that this bag can be worn on your shoulder?
  11. I don't like crochet either, but this is a really cute bag!
  12. I don't love it but Cole Haan does make some VERY nice bags. You won't have a problem with quality.
  13. I like it! Cole haan leather is so soft too.
  14. Hmmmm good to know, I was wondering about that, because this bag looks pretty stiff