A Peek @ Eva & Tony's Wedding Venue

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    On the eve of their pending nuptials, Eva and Tony have had to switch locations from the Chateau de Chantilly to the Chateau de Vaux-Le-Vicomte, just south of Paris. This seventeeth century castle boasts an impressive garden (as well as an equally impressive price tag - $250,000 for the event!), and will be quite a backdrop for the wedding of the century! Ok, not really the wedding of the century, but at least the wedding of the summer.
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  4. wow! I'm sure she is going to be a fabulous bride :yes:
  5. ^^^^
    Me too.
    Very nice place.
  6. Wow, so gorgeous! Paris is such a romantic place, their wedding will be amazing i'm sure!
  7. wow :nuts:
  8. Wow, both of those castles are beautiful!
  9. :wtf: Awesome venue, very apporpriate for this couple. Can't wait to see pix!
  10. Wow! Beautiful!
  11. wow - beautiful!
  12. Very beautiful & she will be also!
  13. So lucky! What a dream...
  14. Wow! That's pretty awesome.
  15. very nice!