A pedestal for your purse?

  1. I've heard that in some countries, if you don't want to put your purse on the floor at a restaurant or bar, they give you a little pedestal to put it on.

    What do you think of that?
  2. Thou shall not worship false idols !

    Ah who I am kidding, worship is certainly worthy for some bags ! ;)

  3. I guess it would be great if you had an awesome purse, otherwise it would look like a beggar on a throne!
  4. That sounds way better than sticking it on the seat behind my butt, which i do a lot. I was ticked last weekend when I went for dim sum and the chairs were open in the back so i couldn't put my bag there, and the floor was filthy. no good, man.
    there's a restaurant here in chicago (called Copperblue) that provides bag hooks on the tables. Too bad I heard the food was sort of *meh*.
  5. i never do that.. with my girls. they always put their bags on their laps.. it's far too dangerous behind them on the seat, or on a pedastal, or on a hook.. or on the chair.. and especially on the floor. the lap is the best place.. and when you eat, you ask for an extra napkin to cover the bag on your lap.
  6. The Louis XV restaurant at the Hotel De Paris in Monte Carlo has little velvet stools for your handbags. I love this, but, unfortunately, have not gotten the chance top go there yet. I think it's a fun, classy idea.
  7. LOL love that pic!

    I'm not really interested in purse stools, and while its highly amusing I think its kind of impractical. No?
  8. I never know what to do with my bag.... I have tried to put it on my lap but I like being close to my food! Plus, I have a tendency to dribble so I would hate to get my bag messed up. The bag hooks sound cool. But like Yellowgummybear said, I don't know if it would look right if I was carrying a regular bag... :smile:

    But it would be fun to walk around the restaurant checking out everyone's bag on their pedestals. They probably have special spot lighting too I assume! :smile:
  9. I am so spoiled... I usually pull up an extra chair for my purse or ask the waiter. I am a regular at one really nice restuarant and they store it for me while I eat in plain site but away from everything else on a shelf...
  10. I do the same
  11. ooh..and i thought i was the only spoiled one! :P