A peachy reveal!

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  1. Hi all. Are we all ready for a reveal?

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! :biggrin:
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390911764.458500.jpg

  4. Yeah I caught a live one! Can't wait to see!
  5. Sorry ladies, I'm on 3G only and no wifi so taking a bit longer than usual.

    Here she is, my peach coloured reissue! It looks more nude because of the lighting in my room. Will take another picture in natural lighting tomorrow. :smile:


  6. It's beautiful but doesn't look peach at all!!! I wish I could see it in real life.....would love to see the true color!! Does the tag say peach?
  7. I don't know what the tag says but in the store when I saw it, it was like peach. Now it looks nude to me lol. I will take a photo again tomorrow in natural lighting to see if it really is peach.
  8. I asked bc I have a bag that looks just like this one.....and it is called dark beige. I think my stitching is a little lighter, though . I would love to add a peach bag to my collection!!!
  9. Is so pretty. May I know the size?
  10. Nice colour.
  11. Congrats! It's lovely! I think I saw this one at the boutique on Friday. My SA said it is from 13K but I didn't look at the tag myself. What does yours say? Would love to see more pics including a mod shot!
  12. Argh....this is beautiful!
  13. This is gorgeous. Are you in the US? For Spring Act I (14P) Chanel brought out a Dark Beige in distressed calfskin which the US did not buy :graucho: Can you please share the code off your reeipt if you did not get a tag? Thank you.

  14. Hi. The code is A37587Y046340A353. Any1 can decipher this code? I can't even tell the colour from this code. Lol

    I'm not in the states. I'm in Asia.
  15. Gorgeus!!!!!!!!!!!!!