A Paypal dispute opened on me after Buyer left positive feedback

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  1. Dear TBF'ers-

    I woke up this morning to a paypal dispute with the "buyer" claiming unauthorized use of credit card. They did a chargeback. The item was purchased on Sept 1. At first I was confused because I had just recieved positive feedback from the buyer stating his sister loved the item and it was recieved quickly. This buyer also has 25 postive feedbacks.

    Now I'm wondering if the buyer stole the paypal information to purchase my item. I went back to the original paypal email and I see that the shipping address is unconfirmed. The email also stated seller protection (so I hope that works out for me).

    In addition, I didnt think to play detective then but now I notice that the buyers name on the address does not match the buyers email address. The reason I noticed is that the the buyers name begins with a D and the name in the email begins M. Of course emails dont always have to be your real name but it does look fishy now.

    I guess there is a first time for everything but I was so shocked especially after I recieved good feedback for the item. At first I thought the buyer was trying to get an item for free, now I'm thinking the buyer stole the paypal account information.

    I hope paypal sorts it out. I provided paypal with a link to the auction, the feedback, and also the tracking information.

    I just wanted to vent. What a way to start a Monday!
  2. :shocked:Speechless! Follow it through and good luck.
  3. So sorry to hear this!!! Since the Paypal site showed seller protection, I hope you are indeed covered. Do you still have the tracking info showing delivery? Also, be sure to keep any emails that went between you and buyer for proof of a valid purchase. Stay on top of paypal to be sure they hear your side of the story. If you were protected, this should be closed soon by default with the proof of them receiving the item and leaving positive feedback. Keep us posted and best of luck!
  4. Wow... Hope it all works out OP.

    Btw, was it a shipping address outside of UK, US or Canada? That might be the reason why the address is unconfirmed, because other than those 3 countries, the addresses would always be unconfirmed. At least that was true before...
  5. so sorry that happened to you OP!
    It's a real bummer to start the week off like this.
    I really hope you resolve the problem soon :flowers:
  6. How much money is involved?
  7. Thank you everyone for the well wishes!

    The buyer is from the US. I shipped it priority mail and thank goodness I purchased the shipping via paypal. They store the tracking number so I was able to obtain that immediately.

    I must say the ONLY reason I'm not frantic and upset is because its not alot of money involved ($60). I've read the other horror stories on this forum and know my story doesnt even compare.

    I'm just totally confused because the buyer never contacted me with any problems. I will definitely follow up to let you know paypal's decision.
  8. You might try contacting the buyer - perhaps they meant to open a chargeback for another purchase, and accidentally opened it for yours instead.
  9. ^^Did I read a while back that when a person opens one of these disputes, it opens it for all recent transactions ?

    I would def contact the buyer to see if it's an error, considering she left feedback I'd hope it IS an error.

    Keep us posted !
  10. Thanks for the advice. I just sent the buyer a message through ebay explaining the situation and asking them to confirm if they intended to open a dispute against me.
  11. Hey Guys-

    Just wanted to follow up. The buyer wrote me back saying they didnt send the message (aka open the dispute) and guessed it was automatic.

    I didnt get any further explanation. I feel a little better knowing the dispute was not intentional. However my funds are still frozen in paypal.

  12. I'm glad to hear that .... but if I were you, I'd still want to know why you received the dispute notice. Call paypal and see if you can get some answers.
  13. Yes, call Paypal and see what's going on their end.
  14. Goo luck!
  15. That's very interesting because back in August, I had buyers buy and pay for a couple of items within a 24 hour timeframe. I'd already shipped them when suddenly there appeared to be an unpaid item case, which was impossible because it was only day 3 at the time. I checked with eBay and they said that there didn't appear to be a problem. Maybe it was the beginning of a software failure that hasn't been sorted yet. I'd be assuming that it is an eBay fault which is flowing through to PayPal. I just went back to look and there they were still showing up. But complete with glowing feedback.

    I'm going to report it to eBay technical faults because if this has happened to you and me, it has probably happened to others too. No-one needs this sort of thing happening because of a glitch!