à paris...

  1. Hi everyone, I have to use a french keyboard, which is very uhm different, so please be tolerant with spelling. (PC is in for repairs ... again...)

    I visited hermès yesterday and was offered a 32 black box HAC with palladium Hardware:yahoo: THe hac shape is really flattering, I think it will be more popular than the birkin soon. Did try on a victoria II as well, but it seemed like I was carrying around a lodge.

    I really wanted the hac and thought I would get it untill the Ah mazing SA brought out the leather book (and a try on birkin) and wondered if I wanted to order my first birkin. So now my Havane 35 Ghw I think in cuir swift, but Im not sure (demi matte, light and demi slouchy leqther) is coming up in 2 weeks to 4 months!!! IT was so amazing, the store experience, everything. Perfect! the poor guy probably lost a sale though, as I think I mightve gotten that HAC:crybaby: if he had not offered me the birkin order:yahoo:. lol Ill definetly get a hac next though!

    We also talked a lot about the Hermès savoir faire and policy. I had to act clueless most of the time, I knew most due to tPF haha.

    I got some other stuff as well, may post pictures, but Im not sure if I manage now.
  2. When I got home abd tried on my gloves, I found that theyre not made in france :sad: Im not taking them back though....

  3. Oh no, thats way too big, I dont have much time now, but if a mod could edit it, please do:police:
  4. Wow congrats! At least you got to place an order for that perfect bag.

    Do post pictures soon, of your other goodies. :popcorn:

    Where is the glove made in?
  5. THese are the only goods I got so far the scarf and the driving gloves I planned to get ONE bag, but because of my order, Im thinking just to get a jige or somethig since theyre readily available to a certain extent....

    THe gloves are made in czech republic :confused1:, so its still europe, only in a part of europe where wages are cheaper ;).
  6. Lovely scarf and gloves!
  7. :blush: The image was too big to view a moment ago, so I didn't see the scarf.

    Awww... that's the 70cm carre isn't it? I wanted that too, but have no clue how to include it in my wardrobe.

    It's a little sad that the glove isn't made in France. It's still better than "Made in China". I hope Hermes never goes that route. I wonder if this is something new, or have they always made some small accessories in other countries. It worries me.

    Congrats on your new purchases anyway.
  8. Great loot! Where are the gloves made?
    ETA: Oh I just read Czech Republic. Very interesting. There are great gloves to be had in the Czech Republic, I bought a bunch of them when I lived there and they're amazing!
  9. plumblossom:
    My other gloves are made in france, but these are far less complicated. I think the more complicated gloves are still made in france, because both are recent purchases.

    Its a 70 scarf, its the biggest size I can wear hehe. The design is a little boring, but there werent that many to choose from and the colour is perfect for me sooo...
  10. Love your gloves! I've been looking for driving gloves and they fit the bill perfectly. May I ask how much they are?

    So Hermes in Paris is taking Birkin orders at the moment?
  11. ^
    The gloves were about 560 E I think.

    No honestly, I dont think theyre taking orders anytime anyone. I dont think Im a VIP or anything, but I had to try two SAs before he brought out the HAC and was friendly. I think I was kind of lucky, but I think theres still a good chance of getting a bag or order there if you visit the flagship.
  12. I'm getting a little nervous that I'm going to miss the London order dates as I'm going to NY next week :blink:
  13. Congratulations on your order!!!! That is going to be a beautiful bag! I love the gloves and scarf Too!!!
  14. Congratulations Liberté on your SO and thanks for sharing your wonderful scarf and gloves. Enjoy them in good health.
  15. Liberte

    That HAC, is the only one that would persuade me away from a Kelly,
    I hope to maybe come along to Paris from Amsterdam as the train connection is very good,

    It would be great if I could get an HAC, or order one there,

    Am so pleased you have ordered your birkin, so exciting!
    do keep us posted