A Paris Sculpture to Die For

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    Paris Hilton's ready to spill her guts in the name of art.
    New York artist Daniel Edwards, previously responsible for last year's sculpture of a very pregnant Britney Spears down on all fours, recently polished off a piece entitled Paris Hilton Autopsy, which will be the centerpiece of "Campaign to Rescue Women of Youth," a public service announcement about the perils of drunk driving.
    The life-sized sculpture depicts a supposedly dead Hilton, in the nude except for a jeweled tiara perched on her head, with Tinkerbell (in matching tiara) lying across the heiress' shoulder. A cell phone is clutched in Hilton's hand.
    To help ram the message home, the Hilton sculpture has an open abdominal cavity and its innards are removable, as if the Simple Life star were really being splayed out for an autopsy. All of the internal organs have been rendered to scale and visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to don a pair of gloves and pick through the plaster-and-clay remains.
    The decidedly morbid display, which will have its unveiling May 11 at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, is designed to "counter the disturbingly glamorized trend of Hollywood's girls-gone-wild," gallery director David Kesting said.
    Hilton, who pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving in January stemming from her September arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, participated in a PSA as part of her sentence, which included three years' probation and 40 hours of community service.
    "I think Daniel is really trying to embrace Paris' stance against youth drunk driving and the dangers that alcohol presents to young women in our society right now," Kesting told E! Online.
    The tiara is a reference to other high-profile beauties whose lives either came to an end or were compromised by drinking, including Princess Diana, whose driver was drunk when she was killed in a fatal car crash in Paris, and former Miss USA Tara Conner, who almost lost her crown due to her hard-partying ways and ended up in rehab.
    Hilton's rep couldn’t be reached for comment, so there's no word yet on what she thinks about the finished product.
    Kesting couldn't say for sure whether Hilton knew about Edwards' latest commission, but he said that he "wouldn't be surprised if she was" involved.
    "I think that Daniel's really gone out of his way to help inform the public about how she really feels about" the DUI issue, Kesting said.
    And Edwards is no slouch when it comes to producing works of art that delve beneath the surface of the latest hot-button issues.
    In addition to the anatomically correct Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston, featuring Spears giving birth to her firstborn on a bearskin rug, he also gave us Suri's Bronzed Baby Poop, in honor of what presumably came out after Suri Cruise's first solid meal.

  2. That's a little strange... I'm not sure what to make of this sculpture. As far as the quote about Daniel trying to embrace yadda yadda yadda Paris' stance against drunk driving... WHATEVER! Like I believe that for a sec! LOL!
  3. I have a Whatev on this also. sorry. :smile:
  4. If you have to spend a lot of time explaining the meaning of something, you're not doing a very good job.

    For some reason, I just imagined Paris Hilton seeing this sculpture and saying, "So, like, that's what I look like on the inside? Gross!"
  5. eww!
  6. Oh gross..that's horrible.
  7. eww..isn't she always in that position?...:yucky:
  8. It says its supposed to have an open abdominal cavity. Looking at these photos, doesn't look like it? http://www.parishiltonautopsy.com/ Unless they consider her hoohaa her abdomen.
  9. um ok
  10. That's a clay model, not the actual sculpture.
  11. I wonder what you'd find inside her...cigarette butts, beer cans, joints, God knows what else lol
  12. umm.. someone tell me WHAT that is... :wtf:
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