A Paraty python reveal-my first reveal ever!!!!!

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  1. gorgeous!!!!!!
  2. thanks everybody for your kind words!
  3. gorgeous colour - love it, its a great staple colour. Congrats
  4. ladyblunt are you using it everyday? or special occasions?
  5. Beautiful choice!!
  6. hi, I wasn´t able to use it because my bf keeps it hidden until my birthday in two days... But I have threee other python bags (Prada/Zagliani), and sometimes I use them for a month in a row, no matter how hot or cold it is outside, and they are holding up extremly well! Twice a year I clean them with wet wipes and tend them with some leather milk against the curling, so if you´re worrying about the durability of python, I can only say that you shouldn´t worry at all!
  7. She's perfect! Glad you and your boyfriend are both happy with it.
  8. oh so your b-day is tomorrow? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:woohoo:
    what is leather milk?
  9. oh sorry, I mistranslated the worl, of course I mean leather lotion (in Germany we say Body Milk for a very light version of body lotion).

    And yes, my birthday is tomorrow! Thanks for the congratulations! :yahoo:
  10. Absolutely STUNNING!!! All of these Paraty reveals are making me crazy right now lol I NEEEEED to go see and try one in person!!! You look so pretty and what a nice BF you have!!!
  11. ladyblunt - I love your bag!!!! I actually have the same khaki pyhton bag , just the tote version. I am from Austira, Europe and I was looking for the satchel for such a long tme. May I ask you were your from and were you got your satchel bag?!
  12. Dear Saskia, I live in Cologne, German, and I ordered the bag from the Chloe Boutique in Munich. They are very helpful and still have a lot of satchels in a lot of colours! Hope this helps!

    Please keep me updated!
  13. Such a beautiful and rich, classy color. Love it.
  14. Your python Paraty is sooooo beautiful!!! What a lovely neutral colour.
  15. TAN color and KHAKI color of python paraty ---i do not see much difference.Even i did not see tan paraty python for sale anywhere except matches but their pic looks strange.
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