A Paraty python reveal-my first reveal ever!!!!!

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  1. Ladies, I am so excited... some of you might have read about my dilemma with python paraty- I wanted it in black but my bf (who gave ist as a gift to me) wasn´t excited about the colour black...


    Well, so I decided to walk away from the paraty and bought the Gemma in khaki instead. After having received the Gemma, I was totally disappointed of the colour... The khaki didn´t look anything like in the website, it was more like a very dark green olive tone, and I ended up sending it back to the store.... I talked to the SA at our ocal Chloe boutique and she convinced about this beauty....

    Ladies I loooooove this bag!
  2. here´s the box...

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  3. Of course we remember .....:couch:
  4. Please open the box....:yahoo:
  5. how exciting, a live reveal - and of a pythin paraty!!! am so excited to see this colour!

    open, open..!
  6. opened box
  7. ...

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  8. well, you would never guess the name of this colour...
  9. oh, you're such a tease:P
  10. she is so beautiful

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  11. Tell us the color....:nuts:
  12. well, I think you said khaki on another thread?!

    she's goooorgeous!
  13. ooh even from a peek I can tell shes gorgeous!!
  14. :popcorn:
  15. yes, it´s the khaki- I would have never oagined her to be so beautiful! It got a very light pink touch in it (depending on the light), but basically it is a very ich beige colour!:yahoo:

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