A paradox...

  1. Bluejeans.

    I know they come in other colours, but I mean the blue ones, the most common ones.

    Why is it that we can wear a, say, red shirt with jeans but it would look good with blue pants.

    What is it that makes bluejeans separate from being blue pants?
  2. With the huge range of blues, it's hard to pinpoint the kind of blue you're talking about.

    But it has a lot to do with texture. Like, you can wear a silk/cotton/linen shirt with jeans, but you don't really wanna wear a gingham shirt with blue trousers.
  3. Well I notice this fall that they have those wacky brighter blue, green and red jeans... Here's an example:

  4. I get what you're saying. A red shirt is totally acceptable with jeans, but if we wore it with blue pants, it would look weird. I have to agree with Vogue that it's a texture thing, and also, jeans are so common and accepted in our culture that you can basically wear them with anything...:smile:
  5. Somewhere along the line jeans became a neutral - the most neutral neutral of all because standard jeans go with almost anything at all!
  6. I agree. Jeans have become such a staple in almost everyones wardrobe, that you are able to break so many rules that you wouldnt normally do (color and style wise) that you wouldnt do with another fabric or color.
  7. Exactly what I was trying to say...you worded it so much better! :tup: