A pair of shoes I will not be running out to buy!

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  1. From Dior 2008 Cruise Collection. For the ladies in the UK there is a spread in this week's look magazine. The model tripped, if a catwalk model can't walk in them and had to be helped off the catwalk what chance do us mere mortals have! What isnt clear from these pics is the soles have what appear to be 4 balls, then there is a spike heel protuding from a ball under the heel.

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  2. That shoe sounds a bit ugly to me, besides threatening broken ankles!
  3. How utterly ridiculous! She could have broken her leg
  4. i wouldn't buy them either.
  5. Those look completely uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous!
  6. gosh yes, but great publicity for dior, just like when Naiomi fell over at the Viv westwood show :biggrin:
  7. I saw that more than one model fell. They are over 6 inches. Some fool will buy them.