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  1. which should i get. i've got 2 firsts and a sac but not a city. I'm hoping to get one but i also want to have a paddy. Sadly, my budget is only for one or the other. :sad: Ladies, please help me.
  2. Both bags are gorgeous! Since you already have 2 firsts and a sac, maybe purchase a Paddy for variety? :lol: What color are you thinking of (for both choices)?
  3. hmm.. i'm not too sure. any suggestions?
  4. I think if you waited a little bit, that more people will be unloading their Paddies. I have two paddies and two cities and I think cities have better longevity. It also depends on the color. An ivory/blanc paddy is absolutely gorgeous, along with the whiskey, anthracite, mousse, noir, etc... Actually, come to think of it, I like the paddy in most colors. I think paddies also look better in warmer hues than cooler ones.

    Good luck! I don't think you can really go wrong with either one. I would consider what style you are looking for. And Discobunniee is definitely right, a paddy would certainly provide variety.
  5. Style wise, I like Paddington Satchel the most. City is very light though.
    If I were to consider all the factors, I still pick Paddington Satchel over City.
  6. the paddington lock can be cumbersome, it's also pretty heavy. figure 5 to 6 lbs with your stuff in it.

    city bag pros it is very light. style wise, i probably prefer the paddy.

    if you want functional and practicality go for the city.
  7. Go for a Classic Paddy- I just got one and LOVEEEEEE it!!
  8. I agree that people will be unloading the paddys soon. they are no longer selling that well. I have the tan and stopped using mine....just too heavy and the zips keep opening up and exposing the interior. Same with the Stam - I love it but HATE that it keeps poping open. They are both darn heavy too. How about a Thomas Wylde bag - they are really nice and different.
  9. I would personally choose the Balenciaga....however, since you seem to have a few (despite not having a City), I would go with the Paddy.
  10. I would go with a Paddy, considering your current collection!
  11. I guess if you already have 2 firsts, I would go paddy. But then again having both myself, Im just going to have to say City!
  12. This is so confusing. LOL! I am so tempted to get another balenciaga because it's just so light. But the paddy is so attractive. But i guess if a lot of people will be unloading then i guess not. Balenciaga interest is still great as ever despite the veiny and shiney leather.
    Maybe I'll go for the city. :smile:
  13. I love my Paddy - even though it weighs as much as a baby elephant. Yeah, you could wait for people to unload theirs - but be careful about the locks bec. they can have peeling problems - you might as well start off with something perfect.
  14. Go for a Paddy! You already have a couple of B-bags. If get another, you'll always be thinking about the Paddy! So, just get a Paddy and then you can relax, lol!
  15. Get a Paddy since you already have Bbags. It's nice to have a variety.
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