A package arrived today ....

  1. that I didn't order. I opened it and lo behold it is a large, black modern chain tote! I'm not sure if my husband ordered it - he is away on business in Europe. And I know I definitely didn't order it. It came from NM but there is no receipt or pick ticket. Only a manilla packing slip that doesn't show any price whatsoever but price tag is on it. Hmmmm.....

    I really need a plain, black tote. So this fits the bill. Not sure what to do or even if I like it enough.

    What I'm worried about is will I like the "chain" look for years to come. At $2250 I really want to be sure.

    So what's your opinion on the MC tote or is there another tote I should look at for exchange?

    Thanks in advance.

    The other Chanel bags I have are the Large Outdoor Hobo in Navy (which I love but I know the Outdoor ligne doesn't seem to be too popular at tPF) and also a classic flap in purple python with tassle. I looked at the Outdoor tote in red but it was way too heavy for me. Surprising this large MC tote doesn't seem as heavy.
  2. I would find out first if your husband ordered it! It might be some pfer's bag and she is going out of her mind waiting for Fed Ex to deliver her package!
  3. LOL!^

    I took mine back because it wasn't me, but I think it's a fabulous bag and a great ligne!
  4. ^^ I was thinking exactly the same thing!! LOL But would the shipping label go to me??

    Swanky, that makes 2 bags you brought back: the white lady braid and the red MC! Whas there something about the MC you didn't like? For me it is the way the chain is "braided" into the body of the bag. I like the larger chain for the handle. Just not sure if I like it in the bag. KWIM?
  5. 3 actually!
    I originally took back teh GST because back then it didn't come w/ silver hardware, then it was the white Vintage LIgne Tote, which I just rebought and am waiting for and then the red M/C.
    I actually LOVE the chins, in the bag and on the straps, it's just wasn't right for me. . . I posted a big long saga on it.
  6. Take a pic modeling it.
  7. I love the modern chain bags,chain and all! :yes:
  8. Another fan of the modern chain bags here!:love:
  9. Post pics!!!!!
  10. Sherry, you lucky gal if that was a gift from your hubby! Please solve the mystery and report back, along with photos of your lovely new bag.

    If the MC wasn't so large I'd own it. I love that thick, funky chain SO much, even the part that weaves through the bag.
  11. Oh what a fabulous surprise! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it is from your hubby (I think it must be....especially if your name is on the shipping label)!
  12. WOW! What a surprise, heck, I want a surprise like that!!

    I loveee the MC tote and I think you should keep it!
  13. So nice to receive a surprise in the mail like this! When o when will it happen to me!!
  14. how exciting!
    i want a surprise like that in the mail, lol!
    i like the MC tote; i personally don't think it's too trendy.
  15. Wow, I wish that would happen to me!!! Congrats on your bag, can't wait to see pictures.