"a" or "an" LV?

  1. for some reason...sounds better with "an" LV..
  2. I think it's because when we say L it has a vowel sound (like el) so "an" is more appropriate.
  3. i always said and wrote an LV
  4. :true:

  5. Yeah..if I'm saying it outright, it's "a Louis Vuitton" but if I'm abbrieviating it, it's "an LV." It just sounds better IMO.
  6. how interesting! i say "an" too..i never thought about this before! :idea:
  7. I use "an" too :smile:
  8. AN. because the letter L is pronounced with the vowel E.
  9. Exactly.
  10. And is also gramatically correct!!!:P
  11. an is my word of choice as well :smile:
  12. i never thought about it, yeah i use AN as well.
  13. yep!!:yes:
  14. I use "The" LV lol. Yup I also believe "an" is the right word.
  15. me too
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