a.okay in chicago

  1. a.okay official on clark has 1 baby bag, 2 campeggio, 2 ciao's, 1 ciao ciao, a nuvola, 2 bambinone, a bambino, 1 zucca and 1 gioco, 1 luna and 1 trenino in famigila i was there late sunday afternoon before i left to come back home.
    ( i think that is all of them, if anyone wants to call you can today, as the girl that does their ordering will be in.)

    as for other prints they had notte and fumo, and bianco, as well as some spiaggia, l'amore, adios star and pirata. no sales. didn't check to see what they had in those prints either, I was focused on the famigilia but the two bags I wanted didn't have my placement!
  2. Thanks! Maybe I'll check them out this week when the weather cools down!
  3. Thanks for the info. I was gonna run up there some time this week... but I wound up getting a Famiglia Dolce from uniquethreads (should show up today or tomorrow)... so I guess I don't need to go out of my way to find another Famiglia bag just yet????