A nude for us darker berries!!! Whoo whoo

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  1. #1 Jan 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
    I as e-mailing with an SA in Costa Mesa and asked about neutral/brown patent swatches. I am getting so desperate for a nude vp that is nude on me that I was thinking of possibly doing a SO later this year.

    Anyway, she sent me this swatch and said the top one will be a vp with nude toe! I will want to see it irl, but the swatch looks like it will be a perfect nude for my complexion!
  2. ^Can't see a swatch but VERY interested! Just bought a luggage colored Declic sent courtesy of Peter.
  3. The file is too large and I can't figure out how to compress it on my imac, so I have asked for help.
  4. Rons you are so cute! I do hope you find the perfect nude for you. A darker "nude" with the regular nude tip would look very chic. I would hate for you to have to spend the money on a SO!
  5. ronsdiva, it would be easiest to upload the picture to photobucket or flickr and then link it here.
  6. Okay ladies... I have been called in to save the day !!!!

    Here is the swatch the one on top with be the color VP arriving on in the boutiques

  7. that can't be called nude.. very interesting..
  8. ^^^ It's not going to be called nude but i thinkt he girls are referring to it as nude because it's a nude for their skin color... The color on the bottom is the decollete camel so this may be called cocoa or something like that.. we aren't sure until we see the box!
  9. still interesting, it looks muddy... I can't really put my finger on it, but the color just seems off. maybe it's the way it's coming off in the picture.
  10. The color does seem flat, but it is a patent per the SA so the swatch is not doing it justice.
  11. ronsdiva- I think the color is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what the VP looks like... it's about time CL makes a "nude" shoe for ladies with a darker complexion :smile:
  12. This is such a crappy photo, but I think I remember the third pair in the back (with the white wedge) was a patent light brown:

  13. i really like the sound of this! i will need to buy it.
  14. OMG!!! I need those. Ronsdive, I think you foud our nude!! I will be getting those! When are they expected to arrive?
  15. I think it's just the way the swatch is photographed. It's not picking up the light. Check out the white below. I think it look gorgeous!