A Nude Alternative to the Architek!

  1. mytheresa.com just posted these on their site...basically what I would call a nude numero prive, but with a smaller heel. The color is actually nude, not the rose color IMO that the "nude architek" gives off. The tip and the heels are the gold color. The site states that the heel measures 90 mm and that there is a 15 mm platform.

    I have ordered from mytheresa.com before and I highly recommend them. They ship via DHL and the turn around time is very quick. You may get stuck with duties, but it's hit or miss. In the past, I have been lucky and have not had any duties collected, but that was just pure luck or my DHL delivery man not having a clue. Flirting might have helped too. lol


    This might be an alternative to some of you who ordered the architeks, but weren't impressed. Even mytheresa.com describes the "nude" architek as a rose color.
    CL.jpg CL2.jpg CL3.jpg
  2. i saw and tried these at a shoe boutique here, they also come in metallic gold with mirror gold chunky heels. they were so comfortable and easy to walk in but ran out of my size so i didn't get any! acks!
  3. Oh, I own these! I bought them at Saks last weekend. They are very comfortable. Mine are patent, though, and I can't tell if the ones pictured are patent or not.
  4. Which Saks did you get yours from?
  5. I tried these too, at the Saks in SF. I thought they were too low for me so I passed, but they were very comfy. The label on the box said Nude but are these the "true" nude? I thought they looked a little light, but it could have been the gold in the heel throwing me off.
  6. Would you have this and the yoyo??? I have the yoyo's on their way to me but I like this very much also. I also like the peacock blue, just not sure if I would get enough wear to justify it.
  7. This is what the customer care specialist at mytheresa.com said b/c I knew some of you ladies would have these questions so I contacted them this morning. LOL

    The Christian Louboutin N PRIVE PEEP TOE PUMPS 820.5020.008 is a shiny calf leather, not a patent leather.

    As you can see at our fit advisor: “This style runs small to size and we suggest taking one half to a whole size larger.”

    I'm not completely sold on what the fit advisor said, but I'm sure some of the ladies that purchased these from Saks can share info. on sizing. I know many of you said the Architeks were TTS so I would go with what the others say on these!
  8. I called the Saks is SF and the SA there said they had the same shoe in nude patent. How do you ever decide?? I have been wanting a Prive or VP as well. Urg!!!
  9. LOL, cjy. I think we're both trying to find ONE pair of perfect nude patent...I've decided to take the most drastic approach. I have the Decollete's in camel patent and the Yoyo 100's in nude patent on their way. I'm seriously thinking about the new Cordalarc 868 sling in beige patent from Saks, and I have my name on the list with CL Horatio for VP in nude patent (hopefully it's the 110 heel, I didn't specify). Since I can't really buy them up all at once, it's a process of trial and error, returns and new orders. I think top priorities are which one is the best shade of nude on me and "look best" overall. Sadly, comfort comes second but these are all pretty close in comfort for me.
  10. Is this insane or WHAT? :wtf:I don't know if one pair will be enough either!! One pair with a lower heel, maybe a little different?? :shrugs:Then the yoyo's. Hell (excuse me) I do not even know if the yoyo's are gong to work for me since they are still in mail service land. Also I like the peacock blue, and the BH store has the VP in red patent. That is going around my head, too. I need one CL with a pop of color I think. Red, is always in style and classic. :upsidedown: I think I will switch my addiction to drugs, they can't be as confusing! Joking!!:rolleyes:
  11. Houston.
  12. I saw this at saks in SF last week and they are NOT the same nude we all know and love, make that lust for. It is a good alternative if you are prefer a lower heel and are not that committed to the other nude.
  13. I have never seen these IRL, so I can't comment on the actual color. I do think they look more nude than the Architeks though. I merely was posting an option since so many of you are looking for nude shoes. lol
  14. I think the nude patent is. Lavender, did you see the patent shoe?
  15. I like that heel. I have a pair of black pumps with a platform and the "chunkier" heel and they are so comfortable.