A Novice Here!!! What Is Kko And Is It Truly Legit?

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  1. I never heard of KKO until this thread about fake bags and it is really is too much to me. I am one of those buyer sellers who just did her thing on ebay and didn't divy into other sites too often. I went into the KKO site and it seems legit but I can't be too sure after reading all of this. It certainly is nice if in fact there is a group of people out there for the benefit of us all but on the other hand if it too be true of everyone jumping on the band wagon and emailing ebay and not knowing the signature as well as some that isn't nice either. I never had a problem with ebay until this drastic measure suspension. I did list wrong and honestly with all the time I have been on ebay I never really read the rules throughly like I should have. I never intentionally wanted to violate anything ~ how does everyone out there feel about KKO? Are they really a good source and this is in no way to offend anyone that volunteers for them ~ this is just from a novice and want to be sure

  2. The BEST way to check us out is to go there. Click on FORUMS and register. You can see all we do and all we question before any reporting is done. We are advocates for the INNOCENT, whether it be buyers, sellers or the designers.
  3. As a member of KKO for over 18 months, I would say "yes" it is legit.

    One thing people must bear in mind, KKO is NOT the only group who reports counterfeit handbags and accessories. I know of gals here who do and the eBay shoe, handbag and accessories discussion board. AND...most important...it is VeRO who has the counterfeits removed NOT one group of people. Yeah, we report suspected counterfeits but VeRO has the final say.
  4. Yes, they're legitimate - but understand something up front. They screen their members carefully because they've had problems in the past with scammers who knowing sold fakes joining the site and then trying to cause problems for site members. If you've sold counterfeits or have a history of breaking Ebay's rules, you might not be accepted. You can still read the public parts of the site, but other parts are for accepted members only.

    If you don't care for those conditions, then try Ebay's Shoes and Purse forum - but they can be pretty brutal there too.
  5. I would say no
    they dont have the legitimate right to do what they do
    Vero does

    and I am a victim of two fake bags
    but I would not support this type of group
  6. Ardneish, VeRO doesn't do a blasted thing about removing fakes UNTIL SOMEONE REPORTS THEM. Ebay's policy is "we're a venue, not a sales site, so we take NO responsibility for determining if the items listed here are real or fake. If members report a questionable item, the VeRO manufacturer rep must demand that we remove it". If no one reports the items, most VeRO reps don't lift a finger to remove them. A very small percentage of reps will actually do their own searches and report fakes on their own but most of them either can't be bothered or don't have the time.

    And any Ebay member has a legitimate right to report fakes. If you want to see what happens when there's no effective reporting and removal system for counterfeits, go to iOffer.
  7. KKO is a great site that is full of information on counterfeits and authentic designer purses and accessories! :yes: They only report something when it has been confirmed by several members (who know their particular designer). Then it is up to ebay to decide if they should do anything about it. The terrific people do not authenticate, but simply offer an opinion on authenticity. It's ebay who makes the decision to pull an auction, etc., not the reporting persons. Anyone can report and KKO uses the same method to meport that anyone else can.
  8. BTW, VeRO is a rule, not an organization. It takes people to enforce the law. Someone has to do it, and I'm sure that the VeRO enforcement reps for these companies appreciate the assistance of users in locating and removing fakes.
  9. I might amend that statement to say "a legitimate right to report suspected fakes." Ebay pulls auctions only if Vero tells them to, not before. And not because me, you, or Joe Blow tells them to. Sometimes I wish they would pull them, as it is very frustrating to see obvious fakes seemingly ignored, but I realize that it's a checks and balances system to avoid misuse and petty revenge reporting.
  10. I've been a member of KKO for about 9 months now and think the people there are fabulous and very helpful. It's a smaller forum than this one, so more intimate and easier to know people. I don't post there as much as I used to, but I try to report when I can.
  11. I have been a member of KKO for almost 3 years. We spend hours reporting counterfeit bags. A few of us have a direct line to Ebay because we have a solid record for recognizing counterfeit bags. We get tons of fake bags removed weekly. We get some removed within hours, while Power Sellers take much longer. We celebrate when a habitual counterfeit seller is finally NLRU'd. We have experts in all lines. We have direct contact with a couple of people in T&S who will sometimes come to us and ask an opinion about a bag that someone else reported. It is a consumer advocate group trying to get rid of a very small portion of the many counterfeit items on Ebay. They are overrun right now with not only fake bags, but fake keyfobs and wallets. H was right when she said, if you don't think we do a service, go look at Ioffer where no one reports anything and counterfeits run rampant. Several times we have had major scams and we identified stolen EBay ID's and automatic mass listing of fake bags they didn't have. We have seen so much that now we can usually spot a major scam soon after it hits. It is a highly dedicated bunch of women who report their butts off. You don't have to like us, but you got to respect our intentions. We are happy to give an opinion on authenticity anytime you need help.