a notice to new people and vlad

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  1. Could one of you kind moderators maybe make new people sign something that explains how they should use the SEARCH FEATURE?
    this will be good for the boards by preventing irrelevant/redundant/annoying posts that ask a question for the 800th time.

    I'm not trying to be snobby or whatever, but some people really don't know. we love new people but seeing the same thing over and over again gets old, and the people who are nice enough to answer over and over again will soon tire of it. SO I have made this useful chart showing the location of the search button:

  2. heheh! I use search quite a bit.
  3. Wow thanks for pointing it out. I was wondering why this forum didn't have a search, and I always looked through thousands of posts just to findVictoria Beckhams collection after viewing it I wanted to show it to my bf. Its hard to see.Thank you sooo much, you saved me tons of time. Hooooray
  4. This sure would help !
  5. Love your idea Bethany! :P
  6. I'll write a howto in the morning. ;)
  7. Bethany, you snob you ;).....good idea!
  8. I might be in the minority, but I'd rather see a fresh thread than a tired multi-page thread where I need to pick out where the new post or ideas begin. It just seems easier to ignore a short new thread than to labor over a long old thread.

    Besides, I've seen threads criticized for being repeats, when in fact, they're putting a new spin on things.
  9. No, I actually think like that too. I know what you're saying, but what I'M saying is we can cut down on 'is bergacci.com legit???' and 'where can i buy chanel and balenciaga online???' and 'do louis vuittons come with hanging paper tags???'
    Not so much threads about the attributes of specific bags and such.
  10. Unfortunately I am busy with compiling a presentation on computer-aided drug discovery as part of a seminar I am attending this week, so I won't get to it until tomorrow. I want to create a whole FAW section to explain the functionality of the forum to those that aren't familiar with it.

    A crucial problem is that you will always run into people who just get excited and post away, without doing prior (re-)search... that's when thread mergers come into play. At the pace that the forum moves though, it's hard to keep track of the thousands of threads that exist. We're trying our best, I hope that people will take advantage of the search feature more, once I create the How-To.
  11. Oh wow. I'd love to know what you think about computer-aided drug discovery as I have strong opinions about it.
  12. With all due respect, I don't think you have the right picture here. This is a highly technical seminar that deals with molecular structures, proteins, enzymes, molecular flexibility, energy functions, and several search techniques. For example we learned about HIV protease inhibitors, which was pretty cool...

    I do have strong opinions about it too... I hate it. Too little time, too much to do, and in about 10h from now, I need to hold an hour-long presentation on it. :lol:
  13. Oh well. You're probably right. I come to it from the computer science/infomatics side, not the organic chemistry side. I only took two courses in organic chemistry when I was an undergrad at M.I.T. Math was my major. And software research my career.

    But my husband's speciality is synthetic natural products, and he was thesis advisor to a number of PhD students when he was a professor at Columbia University. Now that he's a director of medicinal chemistry at the world's largest pharmaceutical company, he's rather far away from the bench, but I've had the opportunity to have a more than a few conversations about computer-aided drug design in the past twenty years that we've been together, but truly no direct personal experience.
  14. Oh holy crap, I apologise for underestimating you.

    What's my honest opinion about it? It's complex, but I do think that it's an interesting field. Taken the immense number of compounds there are, it doesn't surprise me to see that it takes so darned long for people to find a cure for certain diseases. But who am I to speak, I am a computer science guy as well, this was just an elective that I decided to dig into, but it ended up being more of a pain in the butt than anything else. :P
  15. And here I am acting like I actually know something about it.

    /me goes and hides in corner in shame