A not-so-Lovely MBMJ Aline

  1. I wont be buying it. Will you be? :confused1:

    *pic from Zappos
    5007-509207-d.jpg 5007-509208-d.jpg
  2. Just in time for Halloween!

    Um... I'm gonna pass on this.
  3. Ummm yeah...there is a LOT going on here.
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. That sure is one busy bag! definitely pass.......
  6. That bag would definately turn heads! hehehe...gotta pass on that one.
  7. ouch. i got a headache just looking at it. what were they thinking?! :confused1:
  8. oooo...:shocked:
  9. just not practical for the amount of $$ they are asking.
  10. Wow....that's..um..........interesting?
  11. looks pretty guady. haha.
  12. It would be cute if it wasn't that expensive! And losing the cloth sash would help too!
  13. H-e-i-n-o-u-s!!
  14. hmmm....not pretty on the eyes :smile:
  15. hahahaha >___< no comment