A not so insider tip for cheap(er) designer clothing in the Balt / DC area.

  1. I was surprised after talking to a fashion-crazy friends back from the states, how many of them have never heard of C-MART! Seriously, this is a fantastic spot to get authentic designer stuff for cheap(er). Granted, some of the prices aren't at that great of a discount, but it is always, 100% cheaper than at retail stores.

    They have a website, here: www.cmartdiscount.com, and apparently have opened up a location in Washington DC from what I read on the website. I last visited C-Mart in APril of 2006.

    Here are their two locations:

    1000 Joppa Farm Road
    Joppatowne, Maryland 21085
    Phone (410) 538-6100

    Washington DC
    8511 Landover Road
    Landover Md. 20785
    Phone (240) 487-2900

    I bought a pair of Burberry wedges (Candy check) at Cmart that were 75% off! :nuts: Mom also got a whole bunch of Elie Tahari stuff (pants, capris, shirts, dresses, skirts) for around 60% off. If you're in the area, it's really worth it to go up and check it out! I always came out with at least 2 or 3 shopping bags full!

    Some of you may remember them from this news story:


    Hope this helps for all of you price concious Balt/DC metro area-ers!
  2. thanks for the info!
    soulds like a great deals place
    I wish I still lived in DC/No. VA