A not-so-hypothetical question.......

  1. So, let's say I have a bag that I know I'm going to keep for the rest of my life. This bag isn't going anywhere but in the grave with me.

    AND, I'm not too worried about bringing this bag to be refurbished thus no trips to the Spa.

    Here's the question.

    Can I get the hardware brushed at the jeweler (not worried about the little feet on the bottom)? Go from shiny Gold to matte?

    Can it be done? Anyone know? Has this question been asked before? Am I "Search" illiterate?????

  2. ...and what number of posts am I at now?????
  3. 9036.
  4. i'm a chicken so i wouldn't do it. one slip and the leather could get torn, scratched, etc.
  5. :sad: Don't do it!

    I PM'ed you as well!
  6. I'd be afraid too unless Hermes suggested a place for such.
  7. Are you contemplating defacing your Kelly Elan, ShopMom? Do we need to do an intervention or make a Citizen's Arrest, or will you just put the sandpaper down now?
  8. LOL at the statement above - "going to the grave with you"......oh sorry shopmom -- that's a lovely thought though!!
  9. ShopMom, how much do you love the bag? What would happen if you had this done and it didn't turn out exactly the way you'd hoped. Say....the h/w was....ummm, not very attractive.

    Would you feel sick about it or just shrug and carry it anyway?

    ( I'm playing the devil's advocate here but.....thought it was something to consider )
  10. OK, if it's any of the bags I'm interested in, and hoping you'll sell someday in a fit of crazy....then no, don't do it - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. LOL!!!!! It's not the Kelly Elan, MILLSTREAM. I adore that bag as it is.....it's pretty dang perfect!

    It's the Constance. I love it but the gold "H" is right out there......no missing that baby!

    Actually, when in NY, I was able to purchase a brushed Palladium "H" buckle for my Constance belt and I just LOVE it! It has a nice, subtle feel to it. So, that's what got me thinking about the Constance bag....and toning it down a bit.
  12. Hmmm...

    In a sort of non direct way of answering your question...

    My DH had his wedding ring brushed to matte platinum...they did it by blasting sand at it...at a high rate of speed....are you sure you'd want your leather near all that?

    Oh...and the brushing wore off on the ring after use anyway...
  13. The constance - YES DO IT!! It will add a little bit of tjuz to what is generally a prim and proper bag......

    Oh ****....so now I want a little constance with brushed hardware..........
  14. LMAO!!!!!! I tell you.....I love the bag but that big gold 'H' in front just screams, "HEY! LOOK AT ME! I'M A BIG FREAKING 'H' AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!"

    I kinda like things a little more........oh........refined?
  15. I'd be terrified to take it to someone that doesn't work for Hermes. All the "what ifs" that it implies.. mostly, what if you don't like the way it turns out?
    Such beauty of a bag shouldn't be risked. But maybe I'm just a big chicken lol.