A NOT so great start to the ski vacation...

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  1. We got to Jackson Hole today, got up on the beginners slope and our friend Tim started to teach Megs and myself to snow board. Megs had never done any winter sports before, I have skied for 20-some years, so the snow was not completely unfamiliar to me.

    Megs was doing really well, was holding her balance and moving her way down the slope fine, as I see her suddenly catch an edge and falling over. She caught herself with her arms, but I could tell that she had hurt herself...

    A few hours later, she comes out of the ER, with a sling, a sprained wrist and a fractured radial head in her elbow. :s

    I feel really ****ty, as I had been really looking forward to her enjoying this vacation to the fullest, I wanted us to hit the slopes together... AND it was her first time, first run, and she was doing SO well... but now I guess we'll have to stick to slay rides and shopping.

    Send some positive vibes! :heart:
  2. oh gosh! SO sorry to hear that! tell megs to rest up and try to enjoy the rest of the trip...and you, too!
  3. *positive vibes being sent* hope the trip gets better!
  4. (hugs)

    there's always a positive to any negative if my wise friend has taught me anything! Meg can always enjoy the snow, relax, and have some hot chocolate with her arm propped up on a soft pillow.

    i hope she has a speedy recover and you guys will have fun and not let this damper your vacation!
  5. Oh no! Please give Megs my best wishes for a speedy recovery! :smile:

    Hopefully she can still experience the apres ski activities;)
  6. Oh no! Well, at least Megs got some time out on the slopes before she hurt herself. And she can still enjoy the breathtaking scenery! Best wishes!

  7. Ouch! Poor Megs! Take care of her, Vlad! Snow is so dangerous! I always end up on my butt! Slay rides are fun! Much safer! :yes:
  8. Oh man! You guys were supposed to enjoy this vacation! Damn! I really hope she feels betetr! Take care of her, and Vlad take care of yourself too!
  9. Ohhhh nooo!!! Sounds just like my first time snowboarding this season! (except I got a commotion, not a broken wrist :rolleyes:)

    Have a speedy recovery Megs!! :shame: I'm sure you'll both enjoy and make the best out of your holiday!!! There is just so much to do in the snow!!!

    Have fun and be safe ;)
  10. awww so sorry... I know you guys were looking forward to this trip, things can still look up, just relax and enjoy your time together.. shopping :biggrin:
  11. Oh no, poor Megs! Seding tonnes of positive vibes for a quick recovery!
  12. Ouch!! Poor Megs! Have a very speedy recovery, Megs!!
  13. Damn! Megs has had some bad health luck as of late. Hope she feels better soon. And Vlad, try not to kick yourself in the ass. Of course you did not intend for this to happen.
    Wishing you guys a good rest of the trip.
  14. Oh, no! So sorry to hear about Meg's spill. I am very accident prone and not a snow girl...I always seem to get hurt...so I can totally relate.

    Sending you lots of good thoughts and well wishes for the rest of your trip.
  15. (((HUGS)))) to you and Megs. I'm sorry she hurt herself, tell her to take care! Just enjoy your time together, thats what is important!

    PS...I cannot ski either, I always end up somehow not standing up on my skis!:rolleyes: