A nostalgic (Coach) trip down memory lane!

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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    I was visiting someone at the hospital tonight and the Mary Tyler Moore show was on the TV. I wasn't paying much attention until suddenly Rhoda (Valerie Harper) walked in wearing a gorgeous Bonnie Cashin double kisslock Coach shoulder bag! I immediately found the show riveting! In the story Rhoda has recently come into some money and went shopping for expensive clothes.

    I checked the schedule when I got home and discovered that tonight's episode was from season 3 and it was called "Mary Richards and the Incredible Plant Lady" and it originally aired on March 3, 1973.

    I found that the episode is available for free viewing on Hulu so I made a few rather blurry screen shots of Rhoda carrying the Cashin kisslock, see pics below.

    If any admirers of vintage coach bags are interested, you can watch the episode at the link below. Rhoda walks in with the bag at about 19:30 minutes. I thought that it was a lot of fun to see that lovely vintage bag being carried back when it was brand new! And it still looks very chic! :biggrin:


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  2. How nice!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. What fun! I always enjoyed Rhoda's sense of style; little did I know she was a Coachie! Thanks for posting!
  4. very cute; what a TREASURE of a little bag!
  5. how cool - thanks for posting, katev!

    I need to watch the episode now. :smile:
  6. Me too! I guess my "handbag radar" has been fine-tuned since I've become a tpfer because I was hardly paying any attention to the TV screen until that bag appeared - and then I was at full attention!
  7. wooo really nostalgic.....it was such a cute bag!! Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Wow that is totally cool.. I loved that show and never knew... Thank you
  9. How fun. Thanks!!
  10. I wish I could buy that bag now! It's perfect.
  11. these are awesome shots!! thanks for sharing!!
  12. What a great bag! My "handbag radar" is becoming sharper too :smile:
  13. I know, me too!
  14. Very cool! Thanks for posting!