A Normal Linea Pelle???

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  1. I just received a Linea Pelle bag & this is the first one I've ever seen IRL. Is it normal for this brand to have small water spots, and light scuffs and imperfections in the leather?

    I know it said the leather was "washed", but I just didn't know if I got a bum one or if they were all like this? Maybe I just don't care for this look of washed leather, although I do love slouchy leather! It just doesn't really resemble a 350$ bag.

    This is the one I got, in the papaya - which is the tan.

    Can anyone help?
  2. That's the bag I had except it was the Small Dylan. It is very soft leather and has an unfinished look. I could see in time it may pick up scuffs and marks or maybe water spots if not treated with a leather spray. But mine didn't have anyhthing on it since it was new. Did you buy it new? Maybe it was a return.
  3. Washed leather usually gets a bit beat up in the washing process. I wouldn't worry too much about if its "normal" or not- for $350, the question is really, do you love it or not? Do the imperfections bother you, or do you like the leather looking broken in?
  4. I bought it from LP brand new. The water spots are more white, almost like a bleach spot or something and they are in a not very noticable place. Then there is a small "dot" or puncture in the leather. Then some slight scuffs all over. The website says, no two are alike so,,,,,

    I do like my bags to be New looking and not worn looking too.
  5. Washed leather may not be your thing... it can get a bit beat up looking. Some people love that look, and others hate it! It's also very inconsistant- like they say, "no two will look alike." Some may end up looking shrunken and scuffed, whereas others may end up looking pebbly and spotted- different skins and parts of the hides respond differently to washing. Thats why you dont often see high end designers doing washed leathers. They demand more consitancy in their materials.
  6. My Moni Moni bags are washed leather and very beat up looking. Rain/snow blend right in.

    Every time I see one of your posts, I get a tear over the pic of your dear pup. Hope you're doing ok and all, she looks like a sweetie and such a beautiful name! (that darn poem always make me cry)
  7. Yes, maybe I just don't dig the washed leather. Man, this will be the third bag I have sent back in 2 weeks. I hate not living in a place where you can shop & see the bags in IRL before you buy. At least most have been free shipping.....

    Thank you so much K. She will forever be in my heart! :heart::smile:
  8. I have the Linea Pelle Dylan small tote in papaya.

    I will agree that this washed leather is very different than my other bags. I do love the slouch though and am happy with mine. The leather on my bag is fairly consistant and fine.

    If you are unhappy in some way I would try to return the bag. Don't worry about how many you send back.

    You deserve to be ~thrilled~ with what you carry.