A Nordstrom Rack score - Bay

  1. I was browsing at NR today, not really in the mood to buy anything, I just wanted to walk around. As I was walking, a leather bag caught my eye. It was a real standout, out of the heap of ordinary leather bags from nameless designers, this one is different. I got curious naturally. I held the bag and I noticed right away that the leather was really something else. It was smooth, buttery and lightweight. I thought to myself, this had to be from premier designer. Then I saw the Chloe nameplate. It was marked down to $669.97 (orig price $1875). I'm not really familiar with this style so I after I got home today, I looked right away into the reference thread. From there I found out that this is Bay.

    So... I have no idea what kind of leather this is. Also, what year was this released? Please educate me. :smile:

  2. Front



    Including handle
  3. The bay style is from a few years back and was a super hot style...

    GREAT score, congrats...I can't believe they still had them at Nordstrom rack!
  4. I guess somebody dug out some very old inventory :biggrin:
    I also saw a Marc Jacobs Single bag, in exotic, priced at around $400. It is not in good shape though. The scales have started to peel and the all around feel of the bag is very dry.

    Right now, I am having second thoughts about the Bay, not because of its age, but because of the way the bag swells when I put my stuff in it. I don't carry a lot so it's a little weird for me. I guess it takes time to get used to. If I still feel awkward about it by end of the week, it's going back to NR.