A Nordie's SA Told Me That Coach...

  1. just sent in reps to talk to them about the problem they're having with really good looking counterfeit bags and how to tell if they are counterfeit (I guess for returns or other issues). He admitted that it's pretty scary how good many of them look and how some of the most popular Coach lines are subject to counterfeit.

    I also saw a great leather legacy shoulder tote on sale for $299, a couple of leighs for the same price and a few other legacy bags (shoulder flaps, etc. all leather)...

    This must be affecting Coach on a large level if they're bringing in people to brief the department store SAs, too...

    I behaved myself and left the clearance table without anything.;)
  2. Yikes that is a really scary thought.
  3. did you say LEIGHS FOR $299!!!!! Wow, I think I'm going to Nordies today!!!!!
  4. Oh that reminds me, Nordstrom is having their big sale this Wednesday- starting at 7am. In the past Ive seen coach bags, shoes, sunglasses, etc. on sale but you have to get their like right when the doors open b/c it goes FAST! Ive gotten there at 10 before, thinking I was up early! But everything good was gone - I learned my lesson!
  5. I just called my local Nordies and they have the Whiskey Leigh on Sale for $439 +tax..... is that worth it, or should I hold out for PCE and get the Raisin one??
  6. Wait for PCE and get the RAISIN! I know you LOVE the RAISIN and you would just be settling for this Leigh because you can get it now......WAIT for the one you really love:heart:. You will regret it if you don't. :yes:
  7. I would wait for the raisin its such a great color! +PCE isnt that far away!
    Yeh! :woohoo:
  8. Waiting for PCE would be the better choice. Get what you truly want, don't settle and always wonder how much better the raisin would have been.
  9. Wow. That's incredible. Talk about being a low life. Exchanging a fake for a real one...:hysteric:
  10. But couldn't they just give it the *sniff* test? I know it sounds funny, but I'm guessing the fakes aren't made with real leather trim.
  11. Funny you should mention it; I returned a bag to Macy's last weekend & I noticed that the SA was checking something on the inside (didn't quite catch what) but she noticed me looking & commented that she had to check because people try to return fakes; that she had only worked for the store for a week & it had happened to her twice already!!!
  12. Wow, this is so frightening. I HATE counterfeiters, I wish there's something COACH can do to eliminate them. How do we safeguard ourselves if we buy from Department stores if they accidentally accept a fake product as a "return"? And then good luck in trying to return a fake to them by saying they sold you a fake in the first place! I highly doubt they'd believe you. I'm really scared of this whole thing!
  13. Did you actually see a Leigh for $299??!!! That is beyond a good price! That is amazing, I haven't seen one that low anywhere!
  14. Wait for the raisin. I seen it and it's gorgeous!
  15. I'm still learning to catch the fakes and I've noticed that lately it has sometimes been REALLY hard! It just makes me so angry that people could be so terrible as to return a fake so some unsuspecting buyer ends up with it thinking its real!