A Non-Reveal, an Ebay Reveal & a New Purchase Reveal!!!

  1. Have fun in Boston - my parent company is there so I go every year. Last time I went it was just before halloween and I saw a hilarious sausage dog halloween gathering - the owners went all out with the costumes for the dogs (personal fav was the lobster sausage dog!).
    Lots of great restaurants in Boston too.
  2. Thanks lillemy, IWANB, klp and hew.

    IWANB- The funny thing about my collection is that I am getting greedy. I just love all my bags and the more I see the more I want. I have also become a bag snob in a very short space of time - I keep looking at people's handbags and mentally commenting "cheap, not nice, nasty" in my head. It's turning me into a big snob!!!

    Now I have found out that the strap on the Mitzy messenger can be swopped with the strap on the Mitzy hobo - there is no hope for me. I'm still hankering after the Charlie too - mw discount plus free postage plus £20 voucher and some money from eBay sales is making me think it's very cheap!

    klp and hew - any recommendations on what to see and do in Boston? That don't involve dressing up as a sausage dog?;)
  3. Lol, at getting greedy. It is not hard when you see how delicious the bags look. I think that my lifestyle helps me keep a lid on the lust. Basically I look after the kids 24/7 so I do not really get much chance at all to show the bags off iykwim? In your shoes ( i.e. if i was going out to work) then yes it would be ace to use a different bag for each day of the week and I expect I would want a bag for each occassion, eventuality or even each suit, lol. Hell, i would probably even want a large Mable so that I had a smart bag for overnight trips! As it is though a babygroup, supermarket or shopping centre is about as adventurous as it gets for me, lol. As such I have to keep a grip on myself or I would end up with more bags then i could ever purposefully use and that would be a bit of waste of money unfortunately.

    So, I don't think that you are greedy at all and frankly the My wardrobe discount is amazing. With the 25% code posted on shopping thread and quidco a new black bays comes in at a touch under £400 I think. I have no possible use for one though. If I was going to an office though I would actually have to chain my hands together right now as I just would not be able to resist. In fact it might actually even be rude to say 'no' at that price, lol....
  4. You have to go to harvard and take a peek - I got a lovely Harvard mug from the coop with a big letter H on it (perfect for me) and the traditional harvard t-shirt. The centre of town is pretty and the senate house is a looker with a lovely gold dome on it (plus the park where the sausage dogs hang out is right outside). I had a car so I also went to the outlet village South of Boston at Wrentham (they have a lovely big, whispers, Coach store there and a nice ugg store that were a great price last time I went - USD price isn't so good now and it's getting worse) - it's a nice outlet though I went early in the morning as it gets pretty busy (1 lady wanted my parking space so much when I left that she kindly sat on my suitcase for me so I could zip it up to head off to the airport!)
  5. Great reveal and beautiful gooddies!! Congrats!
  6. I grew up going to Boston every weekend and I absolutely loved it. In fact, the first time I visited London I immediately thought of Boston. It's been so many years since I've been that my recommendations may not be the best what with so much time passing, but I'd definitely pop into the aquarium. It was absolutely amazing when I was there last, with a 3-storey cylindrical tank in the middle of the building - sea turtles on the top and sharks at the bottom. Quincy Market was a fab place too and is close to the aquarium.
  7. Well, I think you have picked the perfect bags for your lifestyle. I don't know if I could be bothered with the hassle of changing my bag everyday to match my outfit. I'm usually running out the door yelling at the kids to get ready or else!

    So far I've used Maggie virtually every day since I bought her and I find her great. I still love the Alana, but realistically she is a bit small for me. I haven't used my Mitzy yet as I see her as more for non-work days and I think she'll be find size-wise.

    The bays is certainly good value on my-wardrobe and she would also be great for me for work. The short shoulder straps would stop me buying though as I like being able to carry bags on my shoulder. What will we do when the discount ends on my-wardrobe. What's worse is I've now started to look at clothes there as well and they have some lovely bits.:smile:
  8. Thanks hew and klp for the suggestions. i will report back and let you know how it goes....