A Non-Reveal, an Ebay Reveal & a New Purchase Reveal!!!

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  1. Ok, first the non-reveal....

    I missed Mr. DHL and his parcel today.

    I did leave work early but got sidetracked in town and ended up being too late home for my delivery. But I did buy a little something in town and I did have something waiting in the postbox at home.

    Do you want to see?
  2. Yes, please show.... Can't wait :smile:
  3. congrats!!
  4. Oh a live reveal!
  5. I'm going to draw this out & torment you all!

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  6. I'm all of a dither :smile: Have been away from the forum today working on articles and essays and come back to several reveals! Hurrah! :yes:
  7. I see a BT bag. Yummy. Is the new boutique nice?
  8. Ooooo a nice treat for a Friday night.
  9. They've got a nice big space, but not a huge amount of stock I thought. Having said that it was very pleasant picking everything up and admiring myself carrying some gorgeous bags! I'd say they will be getting more new stock in soon.
  10. Ok, next photo. Start the guesses now....

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  11. A purse or a keyring in the box.
  12. Ooh show us, show us! :woohoo:

    I'm guessing a keyring, maybe the unicorn???
  13. OK, keyring, and ? I am totally out of ideas, sorry!
  14. Good guesses ladies - but which one? Not a unicorn fuzzyfelt - guess again?

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  15. the pink leopard heart keyring??