a night out with my marshmallow...

  1. i went out with friends to celebrate my 27th on saturday and took out my marshmallow mallory. it's perfect for a night out...it fits my cles, cell, digi cam, and makeup.


  2. Awww happy b-day! You and your bag are gorgeous! I hope you had a fun time :smile:
  3. Pretty bag and pretty girl =) May I ask what color eyeshadow you are wearing?

  4. thanks! i'm wearing like 5!!

    4 stilas - chinois, a light green (maybe cha cha), a dark green ( maybe jade?), and a black

    1 make up forever dark green with gold hint.
  5. Happy B-day! :yahoo:
  6. Happy Birthday! You look very pretty and so does your Mallory.
  7. You and your marshmallow look fab!
  8. wow your bag is gorgeous.
  9. You're so adorable!
    and great bag :smile:
  10. Happy Birthday! You both look fab!
  11. Happy Bday and love your marshmallow mallory!
  12. hope you had a lovely bday. you are beautiful and your mallory is sooo cute!
  13. Happy Birthday, I hope you had fun! The bag looks amazing on you!
  14. Happy b-day!
  15. Gorgeous!