A nice Saturday afternoon...

  1. My sister-in-law and niece are visiting us from Seoul and we spent the day in Central Park and the Upper East Side. Although it was cold, it was a beautiful day.

    My wife wanted to change the strap of her new H watch (she replaced the fuchsia croc with a Rouge Hermes croc) so we made a short stop at our H store.

    While my wife was changing her watch strap and my sister-in-law was trying on a coat, I went down to the main floor and found something I thought my wife would enjoy. I quickly paid for it and went upstairs to surprise her.

    It's not something big like a Birkin, Kelly, Bolide, Lindy or Evelyne, but I hoped she would like it...:smile:
    Sleeper.JPG Sleeper2.JPG
  2. Here it is. I believe it is called a Web II in Rose Dragee swift leather and PH. I hope you approve. I think my wife did...
    Rose Dragee Web II front.JPG Rose Dragee Web II front 2.JPG Rose Dragee Web II back.JPG
  3. Gaaa....

    Yes, I approve! I approve! This is one gorgeous bag, Skim!!!
  4. How pretty! It looks similar to a bolide? What a fabulous thing to do for her!
  5. Congrats. I hope you will find her a birkin in time for that special occasion coming up.
  6. wow!!! this is what a webII looks like in rose dragee. very very sweet. Very beautiful!!
  7. Ohhh, I like that bag. I've never seen one, is it a new design. Very pretty color! Aren't you a sweet husband!
  8. Ooooh, what a gorgeous bag, skim, and in the hot new color, Rose Dragee. You did it again! I have this bag (the WebII) in vermillion swift and have really enjoyed it, especially the outside pocket. Excellent choice!!! I'm sure your wife did approve very much (and it sounds like she's enjoying the watch you gave her too; any chance we get to see pictures of it with it's new band?)

    By the way, when ARE you going to give lessons to my husand on gift-giving?:graucho:
  9. What a great bag to choose for your DW, skim. I haven't seen this style before and must compliment you on your wonderful taste.
  10. Lovely, good boy!
  11. It's Super Gorgeous!!!!!! ***Dream Bag***
  12. the bag is gorgeous.. i should show to my DH so he'll know what to do on my b-day.. :graucho:
  13. what a lucky wife you have! the web II is the former 1923 right (cousin to bolide but has the pocket, no strap and i believe the handles are shorter)? it's lovely.
  14. :heart: That is Fabulous, skim! I bet she was thrilled! You do know how to make her happy, pls keep it up! :heart:
  15. I love the web II with the shorter handles.This color is beautiful and the leather is sooo soft.What a lucky lady!!