A nice Chanel wallet

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  1. I am looking for a new mini wallet/coin purse and thinking of buying a chanel, but when I search through this forum, I noticed most of your card holder, purse or wallet are black in colour.

    I am not a black-lover, would like a wallet that is cheerful - in brighter colour, are there any from chanel?
  2. You can try the reissue wallets which I think are metallic. Check out the Accessories and Paris New York threads in the Reference library as well.
  3. Paris New York:
  4. I saw from Japanese magazine that chanel wallet also come in sweet colour like pink and yellow?? I supposed only for the spring summer collection?
  5. ^Not sure really, I haven't seen any here on TPF.
  6. i just went to the eye candy thread ... saw some really cool wallets and bags ... but chanel is unlike LV whereby many of the ranges are permenant and can buy easily ... I wonder if I can still get those wallets featured :sad:((
  7. ^You can try ask around with different SA's. Sometimes lines that were discontinued are brought back, so you really never know. Chanel is much harder to find than LV, in my opinion, but if you do the research, the bag you want might just show up somewhere! You might have to do a charge send (pay over the phone and have a boutique/department store) mail the wallet to you. It's worth it though if you really want it.
  8. many thanks Missisa07, you been a great help!!

    Is that you on the avatar??? what a pretty gal!! are you Miss Hawaii or something ... find you familiar ...