a newbie's rant... is it always going to be like this?

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  1. everytime new colors come out, is ther always this huge hype/madness? when i got my first bbag a few months ago (aqua city) i was happy and satisfied but now with LE magenta and all that pretty new colors coming up for fall it's really hard to remain satisfied.

    the fact that these colors are so limited don't help either. you know what i mean? i feel like i have to get them cuz they are so "rare" and justify purchases thinking i could always sell later if i don't love them and that they are "investments". to spend over $1K without even seeing them IRL that is just crazy to me, and yet i'm doing that exact thing!

    i need guidance girls. i can't afford to (and don't want to) buy a new bag every season. but all the hype is getting me anxious and driving me nuts!

    the 07 fall colors are first anticipated season for me, so tell me, is it always going to be like this? are bal always going to make new and "rare" colors in limited quantities to encourage purchases?

    how was it when 07 spring colors came out? was there a big hype then as well? what were the colors that people were waitlisted for? i know french blue sold out pretty quick, was that all?

    i guess what i really want to know is if 07 fall colors are "special" where they introduce more rare colors or do they do that everytime?

    ok too many questions... thank you for listening to me rant. :sweatdrop:
  2. it is pretty much like this every season - best to get used to it.
  3. Yup, it's always going to be like this once hooked :yes: Get out while you can... there's no hope for the majority of us :P
  4. Hey LoVe23 - I don't own any bbags but I must say that when I was walking around Little Italy and the Village in NYC last weekend, I saw soooo many gorgeous bags but the one that really caught my eye was a Balenciaga Aqua City!!! So enjoy that bag and hold off for a few months. It's killer arm candy!
  5. b-bag addiction - just embrace it!:P
  6. yeah is like that every season, but me personally i dont waitlist when the moment comes of buying my next bbag i will call the different locations to see what they have in stock and then i will take it from there....but i am not the type that desperately needs to have a certain color!!!:smile:
  7. OMG i seriously need to get out of it then! lol.

    Bal is evil only making bags in small quantities to create this massive panic and anxiety. Evil!! :Push:

    like when i was told that there's only going to be 16 marigold first, i was like WTH! MUST GET ONE THEN!

  8. Yes it's ALWAYS like this. A few of S/S 07's "hot items" were anthracite, aqua, and vert gazon and people were indeed waitlisted for them. Honestly, and this will not be popular advice, if you're really worried about this habit becoming hard to control, step away from the computer and try to avoid visiting PF too often!!! I believe with all my heart that hanging around this forum has intensified my addiction. B-bag passion is VERY contagious here! I need to reduce my PF time myself, but I'm having too m much fun right now. Maybe I'll leave PF after f/w comes out. As if! HA!!!
  9. There's only going to be 16 Marigold Firsts!? :wtf:

    Darn.. now *I* want one just so that I can sell it later LOL

    No.. really, that seems like a good idea, but think about how much of a pain ebay is :Push: It would cause me such anxiety trying to sell something on ebay.
  10. I'm there LoVe!! I don't own any BBags yet, but I have already ordered a LE Magenta and am in for a Tomato City when they arrive. It's not the bags...it's the folks in this forum....I know! I think they all work for Bal! :idea: Seriously......I cannot afford two (one bag was pushing!!!) and yet.....maybe we should start a "B.A." thread??!! :drool:
  11. LoVe23, i think it will be in this way every season :rolleyes:
    I'm new here, iìand i have only a Bbag. NOw i'm looking for the second one but i can't decide the colour. Everytime i think i'm ready, i see a new colour that I REALLY NEED....:sweatdrop:
    I think it's like a virus....
  12. My first bbag was a black "first" back in the summer of 2006. It was black and that was before I ventured into the "color" zone of bbags. Because it was black and basic I didn't get caught up in the craze. All of my other bags (Chloe, Guccis, etc) were all neutrals.

    However, this year I started admiring the colored Balenciaga - and I think that's what gets you into deep bbag fever! All of the unique colors attached to a production def. feeds the obsession of having that 1 MUST HAVE bag. I think Balenciaga is smart by changing it every year because it keeps the brand "fresh". Also it makes you feel special for having that one particular color. And if you buy only 1 bag a year why not a special Balenciaga color from that year?

    Having said all that, I just ordered my first colored bbag (Aqua City) and already I'm thinking about the Tomato City!!!
  13. love23, you dont need to buy to enjoy the forum...:noworry:
  14. i've been buying b bags for years and almost every season i get panicked about the color(s) i want but i promise i have always been able to find what i'm looking for eventually so try not to worry and just have fun!!! (and remember other than the limited editions the quantities listed are often those that only the boutique has, there are other stores as well)!
  15. im sure its like this with other designers as well! Im a Bal Gal newbie and I have already learnt that the majority of colours are seasonal etc. But I like it that way, but i do know what you mean that it creates hype! LV do it aswell! They put stuff up on the website thats not out for months so theres hype! Darn designers! xx