A Newbie's Low Budget Collection

  1. I started out a few months ago selling odds and ends on eBay. I had a ball doing it so I started thrift shopping for more stuff to sell. I picked up a few bags that I sold for quite a profit, then I picked up a few that I couldn't let go! And that is where the monster was created... the following pictures are of some of my favorite purchases... so far :smile:
    The most expensive bag here was an Inge Christopher that I paid $9.00 for, most of the rest of them were $3.00.





    I would probably spend a LOT more money on bags if I had it but I doubt that I would find one that I like more than the last one...it is so soft, smells so good and I think it's old as it has big, heavy metal zippers.
    We all know what kind of bag big bucks will buy... I think it would be fun to have a contest to see who can get the best bag for pennies! Any takers?
    P.S I have also made a KILLING on eBay!
  2. Cute bags!
  3. What's the cute little bag in the middle of the 2nd pic? That's really nice!
    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice!
  5. Cute bags!
  6. your bags are very cute...you sound like a very smart shopper too! i love that little white one in the second pic!
  7. Nice collection.
  8. Very unique! Love it!
  9. Love the burgundy flap bag!
  10. that last one reminds me of the tokidoki flap bag
  11. love this cute white shiny bag! :heart:
  12. can't see pics!!
  13. I can't get the pics:sad:
  14. rats I couldn't see the pictures either
  15. Can't see pics.:sad: