A newbie's collection

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  1. The first picture is of my A-list bags (although they're not quite as fancy as some other posters', they're A-list to me!). My favorite styles are simple shapes in luxe leathers. If I could, I would own every bag Tanner Krolle makes... as it is, I have three (and two Botkiers--was three, but I gave my stirrup to my sis; two Koobas; a Hogan; and an oooold Miu Miu that I hope will one day come back in style).

    Then I have the B-list: My faves are the Cynthia Rowley in the middle, the maroon Dooney messenger, and the large leather Latico tote; I also love Amy Chan bags for going out.

    I included my shoe collection, because I didn't want them to feel left out. ;)
    A-list-flash.jpg Blist.jpg shoes.jpg
  2. a few closeups.... that miu miu is in storage for now...
    miu.jpg rowley.jpg tanner-gold.jpg
  3. Love the Dooney messenger!
  4. i know this is a purse forum, but i sooooo love shoes!!!

    the boots were the first designer shoes i ever bought; i got them on a weekend trip to paris when i was studying in london. from the stephane kelian on rue st. honore. as you can see, i picked up a few more kelians over the years. :smile:

    the last ones are from my latest fave shoes designer, pedro garcia. i'm dying to buy his albany ruffle flats!
    kelianboots.jpg shoe-closeup.jpg pedrogracias.jpg
  5. thanks! i took a closeup... this was such a fun photo shoot :yes:
  6. thanks for sharing :smile:
  7. nice collection!! thanks for sharing !!
  8. Nice collection
  9. fun stuff! thanks for showing the family.
  10. Very nice collection- love the shoes!
  11. Nice collection
  12. Nice bags! And I love the shoes! :smile:
  13. nice collection! i love botkiers!
  14. Nice variety!
  15. nice collection!