A newbie's collection! How to be seriously addicted!

  1. Like I shared in my first post here where I shared my first bbag purchase, a sienna twiggy, I expected to be a Coach girl forever. Then I touched my first Balenciaga and it was over. My once thriving Coach collection has been reduced to a few wristlets, a wallet, a top handle pouch and a vintage leather ergo! Now my bbag collection is growing at such a fast pace that it'll surely outgrow my Coach collection in no time at all! Today I received a shoulder bag in my HG color. I adore 06 lilac! I hope to one day own it in a big bag but for now I am completely and utterly satisfied with this gorgeous little bag! She's acting as a make up clutch for now inside my twiggy! Thanks for listening to me ramble! Here's a group shot of my cute little collection so far:


    07 Sienna Twiggy
    07 Sienna Mini Compagnon
    08 Skye Blue SGH Coin Purse
    06 Lilac Shoulder Bag :love:
  2. love your collection!
  3. wow that sienna twiggy is gorgeous.
  4. CuTE!! Sienna is such a gorgeous brown... :love:
  5. love your sienna twiggy! I've been thinking about how nice this color would be in a work!
  6. Congrats! I think you have a great selection. I would love to get more Bal accessories too.
  7. That photo is sooo cute! It's like a mama w/babies nestled together. Adorable!
  8. Oh! I love them! GREAT Bags!
  9. I love that picture!! Your collection is gorgeous, and all the colors compliment each other perfectly!!
  10. gorgeous choices! ~ :heart: sienna!
  11. :heart:Sienna.:tup:
  12. That is a beautiful sight..the sky blue just pops out of there..LOVE your Sienna Mini Compagnon
  13. They look so happy nestled next to their mama Twiggy! Looks like you fell hard and fast, there's no going back now!
  14. This is so stunning! What a fantastic collection!
  15. :nuts: We have the same mini compagnon!:tup: