A Newbie with a reveal..


Sep 2, 2014
Hi all. I am finally able to create my own thread after waiting sometime. I have been posting in several places. I am very new to the LV world and to this forum. I have wanted to get LV for quite sometime now but I just couldn't justify the steep price. I always had a reason NOT to splurge. I have a good job but with a family and kids, it's always like I'd rather save my money than spend on something so luxurious. I actually feel guilty spending so much money on myself.

A few months ago I had a medical issue that was so nerve wracking. I was being worked up for the Big "C". In a month of constantly going back and forth to the hospital, seeing doctors and having endless blood draws and tests, I came to realize that life is short. In an instant life can turn for the worse. I was in perfectly good health before and all of a sudden I'm faced with uncertainty. It was an eye opener for me. I work so hard to provide for myself and my family but I don't really enjoy the simple things in life. Money can't buy us happiness or good health but we can't take it to after life either...

I am now in the clear, thank God. I am so happy to be back to perfect health. I don't have the Big "C" as my doctors suspected but I'm being watched closely. I now vow to loosen up, not worry too much about the future and splurge a bit for myself from time to time. I don't want to get too crazy though as I know from reading here that LV can be very addicting!:smile:

Let me start by my simple collection for now.. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1410212556.225753.jpg

I love them and I love reading and learning from all your posts here. Keep them coming!:smile:


Nov 17, 2013
Awwww..welcome Allie! So glad to hear that things are ok with you! There is nothing scarier than waiting to get results that could change your life. Life is short, it's perfectly fine to enjoy some things that you love. LV is addicting so if you need therapy let me know! I give it to myself quite often! Glad to have you here and love your collection!


Mar 4, 2008
Welcome!! While I'm sure it was a scare, you were given the gift of perspective. I'm happy for you that you seem to be in a place to enjoy life, reap it's rewards, take on its challenges and find inner peace and balance. You have a wonderful collection to enjoy! Best wishes and health to you and your family!


Jul 14, 2012
Great pieces to start your collection! I'm glad that everything is ok so far...enjoy your new goodies and welcome to the PF!


Mar 3, 2013
Welcome! So sorry to hear about the health scare and I am glad you are doing well. Congrats and enjoy your beautiful new LVs!


Mar 9, 2008
congrats on a positive outcome with all your medical testing. what you say is true, so it is important to take time to enjoy as well as work : ) love your collection. i carried the exact same bag (totally) and wallet today. great collection. take care : )


Oct 20, 2013
Congratulations on your new collection and on your good news. Enjoy them in good health with your new outlook on life! Both my parents are fighting different forms of cancer right now, and I had a scare myself last year, so I absolutely understand.